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10 Handy Tips to Make a Pokémon Go Excellent Throw


    One of the main thrills of Pokémon Go is the moment when you’re staring at the screen to see if your latest catch stayed in the ball. The elusive Excellent Throw is something that happens very rarely.

    In this guide, we take a look at how you can increase your chances of getting an excellent Pokémon Go throw.

    getting the excellent throw

    1. How to Score an Excellent Throw

    Scoring an Excellent Throw in Pokémon Go relies on a couple of important details. Follow these and the chance that you will score an excellent throw will dramatically increase:

    2. Watch the Ring

    Every Pokémon in the game has a different target ring associated with it. Some of the rings are closer to the Pokémon’s face, others are closer to the center of the body. But there are some that are almost impossible to line up with the body such as Rayquaza. The thing most people don’t know is that they shouldn’t focus on the Pokémon at all but on the ring itself. The goal is to hit the center of the ring and you will score even if the ring doesn’t close all the way around the Pokémon.

    3. Don’t Let the Ring Trick You

    The target ring always gets smaller and smaller until you release the Pokéball. Once you throw the ball the target ring will freeze in place until the ball lands. The trick is to throw the Pokéball before the ring so that it will land when the ring is at the right size. When the ball lands right, you have an excellent throw.

    4. Bigger, Closer Pokémon First

    Like most things, an Excellent throw can only be achieved by practice and the best way to do that is to go for the closer, bigger Pokémon first. The best practice targets for the excellent throw in Pokémon are Pidgey, Rattata, and Snorlax. Rattata and Pidgey are close enough to make the ring seem less intimidating and Snorlax is large enough to make practice easy.

    5. Practice

    You will only learn the excellent throw through practice. The best way to practice is to catch every Pokémon that you come across even if they don’t seem particularly important. It also doesn’t hurt that you will be earning more Stardust.

    6. Use Nanab Berries

    When you get the best Pokémon to catch (hopefully one that is closer and bigger), use a Nanab berry to slow things down and increase your chances of catching it by making the process more predictable.

    7. Use Pokéballs to Farm

    Once you get a good target, you may want to use a red Pokéball so that you can have a second chance. This tip will be particularly helpful to you with legendaries.

    8. Wait

    One of the most important things you can do when trying to catch Pokémon is to exercise patience. Do not rush the process. When the Pokémon goes to the wrong side of the screen just wait for it to come back.

    9. Use Curveballs

    If you can, consider using curveballs. But this tip may not be for everyone: some people excel with curveballs and other struggles. But curveballs seem a bit better since they tend to travel at a shallower angle of attack, giving it a better chance of striking the target. But just like with everything else, it takes quite a bit of practice.

    10. Other Tips to Earn Higher Points

    Once you have perfected your throws, the next step is to find the right Pokémon to increase your scores. This means going to places where there are large numbers of Pokémon and since that can be impossible sometimes, you should consider spoofing your device to different locations.

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