How to Check iCloud Lock Activation Status

Nicole Campbell
September 23, 2020

    You may want to check the iCloud activations status of your iPhone or iPad. This is helpful when you’ve purchased a second-hand iOS device and you are unsure if the device is unlocked or not.

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    What is IMEI?

    Checking the device’s IMEI number is necessary while checking the iCloud Status or bypassing the iCloud Activation lock.

    The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number that is assigned to the iOS device. It pretty much acts like the unique MAC address that each electronic device that connects to the internet has.

    What is IMEI

    Visit Apple support page

    Apple used to have a web tool that made it very easy for iOS device owners to check the iCloud Lock Activation status using the device’s IMEI number. But they took it down for security reasons. But there is still a way for you to check the Lock Activation status of the device via Apple support pages. Follow these simple steps to do it:

    Step 1: Go to on any browser to access the Apple Support pages.

    Step 2: Choose the iPhone from the list of devices.

    Step 3: Click on any category to begin the request. You can choose something like “Battery” and then select a specific problem like “Buttons not working”.

    Step 4: Then, click on “Send in for Repair”.

    Step 5: Enter the device’s serial number or IMEI number to check the iCloud Lock Activation status.

    If Activation Lock is enabled on the device, you will see a message saying “Sorry we can’t create a repair while Find my iPhone is active.”

    Visit Apple Support Page

    Unofficial ways to check activation lock status

    There are also a lot of online tools which support to check the status of the activation lock. We have chosen some of them which have a good reputation for you to refer to.

    Here’s a comparison of the three tools above to help you choose the right one:

    WipeLock iUnlocker IMEI24
    How it Works Search done manually by experts Uses an online database to generate reports Use Outdated online databases to generate reports
    Carrier Lock Info Yes No No
    Warranty Info Yes Yes Yes
    Blacklist Info Yes No No
    Replacement info Yes No Yes


    WipeLock iCloud Checker is just one of the best tools to use to check the activation lock status on your iOS devices. This checker doesn’t use online database. Instead, experts check the iCloud status reports manually and double-check for accuracy.


    • It is one of the only iCloud checkers that can guarantee a 100% accurate result.
    • It is the only tool that doesn’t use online databases that may be outdated.
    • Along with the IMEI number, you will also get additional information including the warrant info, the device info, and carrier info.
    • It offers you a step by step guide to unlocking the device of the device is locked.



    You can also use iUnlocker to check the devices iCloud lock status. It is easy to use since all you have to do is enter the device’s IMEI number and click on “Check.” The check itself is free although you will have to pay to access or see the data iUnlocker collects.


    • If you don’t know how to check the device’s IMEI number, iUnlocker will show you how.
    • You can also use it to unlock the device although you will have to pay at least $109.
    • This tool will also let you know if your device is registered with Apple Care.
    • You can also use it to find out if Find my iPhone is enabled or not.



    IMEI24 is another free and easy to use online service that can be instrumental in helping you check the iCloud Activation status of the device. All you have to do is enter the device’s IMEI number and IMEI24 will provide you with various details about the device including its iCloud Lock status.


    • It is completely free to use.
    • It provides additional information about the device including the warranty status.
    • It is very fast, displaying the results in under one minute.


    Remove iCloud activation lock without password

    The one thing that all the tools above have in common is that they will all charge you upwards of $100 to unlock the device if it is locked. But there is a much easier and more affordable way to unlock the device even if you don’t have the device’s password.

    This solution is a third-party iOS unlocking tool known as iToolab UnlockGo. This tool has the necessary features to make it the most ideal solution. These features include the following:

    • It can remove all types of screen passcode from the device including the 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Face ID and Touch ID.
    • It is also the most ideal solution to remove iCloud Activation lock without the password.
    • It can also be very useful when fixing a disabled iPhone/iPad.
    • It is very easy to use, doesn’t require any tech expertise.

    To use UnlockGo to remove iCloud Activation without the password, download and install the program to your computer and then follow these simple steps:

    Step 1: Open the program after successful installation and then click on “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” in the main window.

    Remove iCloud Activation Lock

    Step 2: Click on “Start” and then connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cables. Wait for the program to detect the device.

    connect the iPhone to the computer

    Step 3: You will need to jailbreak the device in order to unlock it. UnlockGo will begin downloading the jailbreak package that you need to jailbreak the device. As soon as the download is complete, click on “Jailbreak” and then follow the instructions on the screen to move on.

    jailbreak iPhone

    Step 4: Once the device has been successfully jailbroken, click on “Remove” and the program will immediately begin removing the iCloud Activation Lock. Just keep the device connected to the computer and when the process is complete, you should be able to use the device.

    removing iCloud Activation Lock

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