Best 11 WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Highly Recommended 2023


    How to check someone’s last seen? We got you covered. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best WhatsApp last seen trackers to check last seen. With these apps, you can detect the last seen information even if they have closed it from Settings. Let’s see what these apps are and how they work.

    Can I Track Other People’s WhatsApp Online Status?

    Last seen on Whatsapp meaning is to check when the person was online or saw your message. Some people hide their last seen from WhatsApp to avoid distractions. But don’t worry because there are numerous apps available that allow you to track other users’ online statuses.

    Best 12 WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker on Android and iPhone

    How to see last seen on WhatsApp if hidden? In this section, we have mentioned some of the top apps that you can use to check the last seen if it is hidden. These apps work for both Android and iPhone users.

    1. Fawa: WhatsApp Online Tracker -Android

    If you want to check WhatsApp last seen, then download the Fawa app for your Android device. This app helps monitor online and offline activities, such as last seen, stories, and more. It works for Instagram and Facebook as well.


    • Easy to use and manageable Interface.
    • Monitor different things, including last seen, stories, videos, and more.
    • Leave automatic messages.
    • Users can check deleted messages.


    • A bit confusing to set up.
    • Sometimes it shows your status online.

    2. LastSeen(App & Online) – Android

    If you want to track the activities of your child on WhatsApp, then LastSeen is the perfect app for you. With this app, you can check WhatsApp last seen online and track other things too. It works with many Android devices.


    • Best for last seen tracking.
    • Monitor the activities of your children.
    • Lightweight application.


    • Sometimes the app doesn’t link with the WhatsApp application.
    • Ads are annoying.

    3. Chat Stats for WhatsApp

    Chat Stats for WhatsApp has almost 1 million downloads on Google Play Store. With this app, you can check the statistics of your favorite chats. Besides, you can share the statistics, view the full chat, and more.


    • Free and no ads.
    • Does not connect to the Internet.
    • Clean and Beautiful UI.

    Cons: Doesn’t show the results of all chats.

    4. WaLog Online Last Seen Tracker -Android & iPhone

    Do you want to see what your kids are doing on WhatsApp? This application is the perfect option for you. With this app, you can check last seen, compare your children’s online duration, and more. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.


    • Get regular notifications.
    • Track messages and call records.
    • Track last seen.


    • Premium version is expensive.
    • Not 100% safe.

    5. WaStat – WhatsApp tracker – Android & iPhone

    WaStat allows you to add almost 10 tracking profiles. With this app, you can get notifications when the person is online. You can download it for both Android and iPhone.


    • show online last seen time.
    • analyze online stats for the last 30 days.
    • Track time spent online.


    • Sometimes the notifications are not timely.
    • Paid version is not good.

    6. Whats Tracker – Android

    If you want to track multiple profiles in one go, then Whats Tracker is the best app for you. With this app, you can also check the lists of contacts available on your mobile. It also shows you the results of visitors that check your profile.


    • Support multiple WhatsApp web accounts of up to six.
    • Whats Tracker for WhatsApp.
    • Work with WhatsApp business account as well.


    • Logs out automatically.
    • Has issues with the view feature.

    7. Chat Tracker – Android

    Do you want to know what your loved ones are doing on WhatsApp? Download Chat Tracker because it is the perfect app for tracking WhatsApp data. With this app, you can add unlimited profiles.


    • Track Unlimited contacts.
    • Compatible with many Android devices.
    • Track your messages.


    • Doesn’t work with multiple WhatsApp accounts.
    • Paid version is a bit expensive .

    8. Online Tracker for WhatsApp(Parental Control) -Android

    Online Tracker for WhatsApp is an app specially created for parents. With this app, you can check how much time your kid spends on social media. You can also use the advanced statistics feature to track the activities of your children.


    • Check last seen status.
    • Add up to 5 people profiles.
    • Has fast tracking algo.


    • Ask you to subscribe.
    • Offer Limited features in the free version.

    9. Online Tracker for WhatsApp -Android

    This app is perfect for Android users and makes sure that they can track the data with one click. With this app, you can generate reports and get instant notifications.


    • Send continuous notifications.
    • Manage your last seen.
    • Easy to use and has a simple interface .


    • Doesn’t show the status of contacts regularly.
    • Bad customer support .

    10. WhatLog – Online Tracker – iPhone

    Even iPhone users can check the last seen using the WhatLog application. This app offers numerous features, including regular notifications, contact tracking, and more.


    • Shows reports regularly.
    • Users can see last seen of added profiles.

    Cons: Doesn’t work with all iPhone devices.

    11. WhatStat Online & Offline Status – iPhone

    This app is for iPhone users who want to track the data of their family members and friends. The app shows regular notifications and status 24/7. It works both online and offline.


    • Best app for iPhone users.
    • Check last seen with one-click.
    • Fastest online and offline notifications.


    • Not free.
    • Sometimes doesn’t show the right data.

    That’s it! These are the popular apps that you can download to check the last seen of other people. All these apps are available on Google Play Store and App Store.

    Tricks You’ve Got Today!

    How to see someone’s last seen on WhatsApp? You can download the apps and track their online activities, including someone’s last seen. All these apps help you check when the person is online and how often they are using the WhatsApp application. Parents can also use these apps to keep an eye on their kids. So, if someone has hidden their last seen and you are curious to know their activities, download these amazing apps.

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