Excel Password Recovery: How to Unlock Files without Password in 2022


    Recovering a password for a locked Excel file is quite complicated in the latest versions. If you forgot the password for the Excel spreadsheet that you previously created, a password recovery tool is an effective solution. You can recover Excel passwords with some methods, and in this guide, we are going to explore some of the most important ones. Some of the methods involve the use of premium tools, while some require more effort manually.

    How to Recover Excel Password Protected File Free Download

    Is there any authentic software or program that can recover the password for a locked Excel file without losing the data? Luckily, this section is basically about PassWiper for Excel. What is PassWiper for Excel, and how can it help you to unlock the Excel spreadsheet lock? Let’s have a look at the amazing features of this tool.

    What is PassWiper for Excel?

    PassWiper is a premium unlocker that has great features to unprotect any locked Excel file. The use of advanced unlocking algorithms and techniques makes the password recovery process a lot easier and faster. The most outstanding feature is the recovery of the password without losing or erasing the data of the file. Here are some unique features of PassWiper for Excel:

    • Unprotect the encrypted Excel spreadsheet.
    • Remove all types of editing and formatting restrictions for the protected Excel file.
    • Work for all versions of Excel from 2003 to 2021, and Office 365.
    • No loss of data with 100% safe and secure password recovery methods.

    Advantages of PassWiper for Excel

    Why should you always opt for PassWiper over other available options? How to recover Excel passwords easily with PassWiper? There are some main advantages of PassWiper over competitors, including:

    Latest Algorithms for Password Recovery

    The recovery rates for PassWiper are higher than any other tool that is being used today. The reason is the use of the latest algorithms that improve password recovery rates and speed.

    No Loss of File Data

    PassWiper does not cause even a slight loss of data. All contents of your Excel worksheet are safe and secure with the use of this password recovery tool.

    Save Recovered Passwords Automatically

    All of the recovered passwords for the scanned files are automatically saved in the database of the program. Despite closing the program, you won’t have to scan the same file again and again.

    Easy-to-use Interface

    Don’t you have MS Office but still want to recover the password? PassWiper does not require the download of the program, as you can simply drag the file to the program and then start the password recovery process for Office 365 or Excel 2021, 2019, 2016 and so on.

    How to use PassWiper for Excel?

    As the software is meant to be used for personal and professional use, the process is quite simple and easy. Here are a few steps to use PassWiper to recover the password for a locked Excel file with different password recovery techniques.

    Way 1: Dictionary Attack

    This method is more suitable for users who have a vague idea of the previously set password. If you know some of the numbers, characters and length of the password, it can help to speed up the password recovery process. Here are the steps you need to follow:

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    Step 1: Install PassWiper on your computer and open the program and click on ‘Recover Excel Password’.

    recover excel password

    Step 2: On the next step, drop your locked file and choose dictionary attack and then click on recover.

    how to recover excel password

    Step 3: The process will take some depending upon the password length, and you will be viewed the password once the process is complete.

    excel password recovery

    Way 2: Combination Attack

    The process is quicker and faster, but you need to have at least a few ideas about the used characters, numbers and prefixes and suffixes. The tool will use these dictations to find the password quickly. The process involves given steps.

    Step 1: After the installation of the tool, choose ‘Combination Attack’ and click on the Next button.

    how to recover password for protected excel file

    Step 2: Provide the details that you know about the forgotten password and leave the spaces blank if you don’t remember them.

    excel recover password

    Step 3: Review the provided details and start the process. In a few moments, you will see the recovered password on the screen.

    how to recover excel password

    Way 3: Brute Force Attack

    How to recover the password for the protected excel file if you don’t have any guesses? If you are clueless about the forgotten password, this method is for you. The process will take more time, so make sure to choose the other methods if you have information about the password.

    Step 1: Choose the “Brute Force Attack method from the home screen of the recovery tool.

    recover excel password-protected files

    Step 2: PassWiper will start the password recovery process, and it will take some time.

    how to recover excel password

    Step 3: You will get the password on the screen once the password is recovered.

    recover excel password for password-protected files

    How to Recover Excel Password Protected File by Modifying Extension

    If you have the latest version of Excel, this method may not work for you because these security flaws have been resolved in the later versions. Here are simple steps to follow for Excel recovery password in this method:

      • Create a backup for the protection of your data. Rename the file and change the extension to .Zip.
    recover excel password without knowing password
      • Unzip the file by using any 3rd party software. Find the file that has the .XML extension and open it with XML Editor.
    how to recover excel password without software
      • Find sheetProtection by using the CTRL+F command and remove that word.
    recover excel password-protected files
    • Save the file and now change the extension back to .XLS and enjoy the unprotected Excel file.

    How to Unlock a Password Protected Excel File Online

    There is always an online tool and solution for the problems that you face with your data and files. Do you want to know how to recover Excel password without software? There are different online password recovery tools for Excel files that you can use. Here are common steps that you need to follow for almost any online software for password recovery without downloading software. But you still need to pay to use like any other 3rd party software, and its price is much higher than PassWiper for Excel.

      • Open the site or online tool that you have chosen for password recovery of protected Excel file.
      • Upload the protected file and choose the password recovery feature as per the instructions given on the screen.
      • Let the online tool process and you will get the password within a few minutes.
    how to recover excel password without software

    If you want to know more online free tools to recover excel password, then you can see this articel:Online Free Tools


    PassWiper for Excel is the right answer to all of your needs regarding removing passwords and restrictions for Excel files. If you want the easy and secure tool to recover Excel password, PassWiper for Excel is the perfect choice for you.

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