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April Ashley, young but professional and passionate in science and technology field, has been working for six years till now. Concentrating on studying Windows and Excel problems, she is dedicated to serving more people who have difficulties in this area.
[Full Guide] Account.live.com Password Reset and When It Not Working

Hotmail is one of the leading messaging platforms in the world. According to the reports, it will surpass 100 million users in 2022, giving strong competition to Google.com and yahoo.com, its competitors. Several methods are available to reset windows password by searching account.live.com on the internet, but they are time-consuming and also doesn’t guarantee 100% results. In this … read more

April Ashley


How to Remove Excel VBA Project Password from Excel Workbook

The Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) project is a macro program that assists individuals in converting difficult and time-consuming jobs into an easy-to-use program. It is also well-known among Excel users for its accuracy and speed. Many individuals opt to encrypt VBA projects to keep them safe and prevent them from falling into the hands … read more

April Ashley


How to Lock/Unlock Folder with Password on Windows 11 Home

Microsoft’s Windows is a popular operating system, and with the latest release of Windows 11, it has become even more feature-rich and powerful. It also comes with improved security features, giving you more peace of mind as you work. You can even lock down your files or folders in Windows 11 with a password, just … read more

April Ashley


I Forgot My Current Windows Password, How to Do?

When people use a computer, a popup will appear asking for the current Windows password to identify the user. But what if the computer is used or borrowed from a friend, and you are unable to provide the current password? Sometimes, even the owner enters the login screen password but it don’t work. Well, the … read more

April Ashley