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April Ashley

April Ashley, young but professional and passionate in science and technology field, has been working for six years till now. Concentrating on studying Windows and Excel problems, she is dedicated to serving more people who have difficulties in this area.
What Can I Do When iPhone Stuck on Verifying Phone Number?

FaceTime, Apple ID activation, and iMessage are the enlisted features that must be functional for the activation requirements of iPhone 15/14. Most of these features ask you to verify your phone number before using them. But a common issue you might face while using these features is that the iPhone 15 is stuck verifying the … read more

April Ashley


What Does It Mean and Why Does It Say iPhone Is Findable?

Recently, iPhone users started noticing the phrase “iPhone Findable after power off” in the power menu while shutting down their iPhone. The term “iPhone Is Findable” refers to a feature of the popular smartphone device that allows it to be tracked and located if lost or stolen. This can be useful for security purposes, as … read more

April Ashley


Instagram Couldn’t Post Comment? Let’s Fix It!

You are scrolling through your Instagram newsfeed full of thanksgiving posts that your friends have been enjoying lately without you. You tap on the commend icon to leave a thoughtful comment, type, and hit the send button, but it doesn’t work as it always does. You aren’t alone in facing this issue with your Instagram … read more

April Ashley


[Solved] iPhone Not Opening Apps after iOS 17 Update

After the iOS 16, Apple rolled out the iOS 17, the latest operating system for all iPhone bringing many features and improvements. As the users started receiving the iOS 17 software updates, besides the minor bugs and glitches, many reported the major issue of iPhone not opening apps or crashing. The newer updates need time to be … read more

April Ashley


How to Retrieve Deleted Call Log/History on Samsung

From calls to entertainment purposes, we are all highly dependent on our smartphones. What if you accidentally deleted Samsung Galaxy phone logs and now you need to retrieve the call history? Professional users make hundreds of calls every day, and their call history is an important factor for them. Call logs keep track of calls … read more

April Ashley