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    💬“How to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO? I have run out of Pokeballs in Pokemon GO and have no clue how to get new ones.”

    How to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO

    If you wish to increase experience in Pokemon GO or win battles, you need the latest and Pokemon at your disposal. However, before making them a part of your team, you need to catch them using Pokeballs. If you don’t know what are Pokeballs – It is a red and white ball-shaped figure that you throw at any random wild Pokemon to catch them. This article will share how to get free Pokeballs in Pokemon GO if you ever run out of them.

    How to Get More Pokeballs in Pokemon Go?

    If you do not have Pokeballs in your Pokemon GO inventory, check out this section to understand how to get more Pokeballs in Pokemon GO.

    1. In-Game Store

    how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO pokemon go store

    One way to get more Pokeballs is by participating in the Daily Free Box. This offer is typically available once a day. Moreover, it contains items like Potions or a standard Pokeball/Great Ball. Still, it is not a reliable source of gaining Pokemon GO resources.

    The Pokemon GO in-game store offers a variety of packs to purchase, with different prices for each. Players can buy 20 Pokeballs at 100 PokeCoins or 400 credits ($4) and an assortment that ranges up to 200 balls!

    2. PokeStops and Gyms

    how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO pokemon go gyms

    There are many ways to get Pokeballs and other items while playing Pokemon Go. One way is by spinning Pokestops that players pass every day or stop at while they’re out catching Wild Pokemon. It usually rewards them with a variety of helpful rewards like coins for their Trainer profile image and Pokeballs.

    However, suppose you keep spinning the same spot over again after it has refreshed its offerings. In that case, eventually, this stops rewarding new items – so visit different places conversely!

    3. Weekly Progress

    how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO Weekly Progress

    Pokemon GO is all about giving rewards. If the players cover more distance than the previous week, the game awards them points and even resources, such as Pokeballs, for free.

    4. Research Tasks

    how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO Research Tasks

    To successfully catch Pokemons, players need their A-game. This includes both the skillset and gear required for searching efficiently in a large area. Niantic hosts special Research Challenges with rewards like Pokeballs guaranteed each time.

    How to Get Free Pokeballs in Pokemon Go?

    If you have no idea how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO free, this section is just for you. Here are the 5 interesting tips that you need to follow to get free Pokeballs.

    1. Start A New Game

    You can start a new game or create a new account to receive Pokeballs for free in Pokemon GO.

    2. Level Up Your Trainer

    Leveling up with your fellow trainers will prompt the Pokemon GO game to reward you with new Pokeballs to catch wild Pokemon.

    3. Spin A Pokestop

    Spinning Pokestops is another reliable way to get free-of-cost Pokeballs in the game. However, ensure not to overdo the spinning process, as it could cause a soft ban.

    4. Fight in a Gym

    Fighting and winning a gym battle is another guaranteed way to get free Pokeballs. Make sure you use your most powerful Pokemon to do battle.

    What Is The Fastest Way to Get More Pokeballs in Pokemon Go?

    You can get more Pokeballs for free by covering specific distances every week. However, it isn’t an easy task, that could make the trainers tired. Still, there is a unique way to walk heavy distances without getting tired. The solution is by using spoofing software like iToolab AnyGo. The program is compatible with the newly released iOS 15.

    Additionally, you can use it to hide your location from a stalker, hacker, or any other individual. This interface is fast and clean, enabling you to perform the spoofing process easier. The Auto-Cooldown Timer utility doesn’t allow you to teleport to multiple locations within a short span. This way, you will avoid the radar of Niantic and access any site you like while playing Pokemon Go without any worry.

    📑Here are the steps on how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO with iToolab AnyGo.

    Step 1: Run iToolab AnyGo, and simultaneously connect your iPhone with the computer. From there, click on Start.

    How to get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go AnyGo main window

    Step 2: See if the software is displaying the accurate location. If it is not correct, click Center On to regulate it.

    How to get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go iToolab AnyGo map

    Step 3: Click on Teleport, and enter where you want to visit while playing Pokemon GO. Click on Search to access the location.

    How to get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go select the new location

    Step 4: Now, click on GO to teleport to the new location.

    How to get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go spoof the iphone location

    Hot FAQs about How to Get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

    📎Some interesting facts on how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO are mentioned in this section.

    Q1: What happens if you run out of Pokeballs in Pokemon Go?

    When you run out of Pokeballs, you won’t be able to catch any wild Pokemon while playing.

    Q2: How to get unlimited Pokeballs in Pokemon Go?

    You can get unlimited Pokeballs in Pokemon GO by leveling up, spinning PokeStops on the map screen, complete daily tasks or research tasks.

    Final Words

    Pokeballs are an essential part of not just Pokemon GO but the animated series. You can not form a team without using them to catch wild Pokemon. We hope that now you fully comprehend how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO. Each method is easy to apply to get unlimited Pokeballs. However, when you use iToolab AnyGo to cover extra miles, the game will undoubtedly reward you with more rewards and Pokeballs.

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