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    “What is a lucky trade in Pokemon GO? I wish to perform lucky trade in Pokemon GO, but I do not know where to begin.”

    pokemon go lucky trade

    What Is A Lucky Trade in Pokemon Go?

    The new Lucky Pokémon in Pokémon GO are powerful and have high IVs. They also require less Stardust to power up than regular ones, so you can save on that precious resource while powering your most desired characters with ease. How do you know if a Pokémon is lucky? It’s easy! Just look at their HP bar, and you’ll see the label “Lucky.”

    A Pokémon obtained through trading is called Lucky than a Pokémon caught in the wild. The longer you’ve owned your Pokemon, the higher their chance of it becoming lucky upon trade. According to studies performed by trainers within the gaming community, there appears uncertainty among players on the Pokemon GO lucky trade process.

    It seems like Pokemon that you caught in 2016 is more likely to become lucky compare to the one caught in recent times. However, it also seems reasonable that if you have recently captured a Pokemon, it could become lucky than the older one.

    How to Get Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go Trade?

    pokemon go lucky pokemon

    The only way to get a Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO is by trading with another player. However, it’s scarce, and you have to be extremely lucky for the trade pairings to work out in your favor. The idea of getting one this way has been tested several times. Still, results remain inconclusive because none were able to provide us any precise numbers on success rates or probabilities involved here.

    Moreover, the game does not allow the players to perform Pokemon GO lucky trade with mythical Pokemon, such as Mew or Celebi. Furthermore, when trading Pokemon, trainers will often receive a lucky Pokemon if the trade is lucky. This Pokemon GO guaranteed lucky trade ensures both players can get just as many powerful monsters to use in battle!

    If you want to guarantee a Pokemon GO best lucky trade, any interaction with your best friend in Pokémon GO will do the trick. This includes opening gifts together, raiding each other’s gyms, or battling against each other- it all triggers Pokemon lucky friend. Moreover, you can take advantage of this during events like Community Day, when Pokemon GO offers exclusive moves to utilize the opportunity.

    Still, the most common way to make Pokemon lucky trade is by performing the same procedure repeatedly with your lucky friend. Trainers can make 100 trades per day, and the game makes it very easy for two players to trade the caught Pokeom back-and-forth. It is possible that both players’ Pokémon in Pokemon GO may turn lucky after completing a trade.

    Special Benefit to Get Lucky Pokemon

    With Pokemon GO, you can roam around your neighborhood or local park to catch the best Pokemon. However, you can cover a small amount of distance when walking, and if you live in a remote area, the chances of making new friends are rare. Besides, we all know that your friend must be close to 100 meters near you to initiate the Pokemon lucky trade.

    If that is the case with you, and you are unable to add new friends on Pokemon GO, then using iToolab AnyGo GPS spoofier is the best option. With that software, you can jump over to any location you like, cover the required trade distance, and perform the best lucky trade Pokemon GO you could have hoped for.

    The instructions to conduct Pokemon GO guaranteed lucky trade with AnyGo are as follows:

    Step 1: Connect your iPhone with the desktop using a USB cable. After downloading iToolab AnyGo, run it and see if the software shows the actual location of the iPhone. From there, click on Jump Teleport Mode icon.

    lucky trade Pokemon GO iToolab AnyGo Jump Teleport Mode

    Step 2: Make a custom route by hitting the GO button.

    lucky trade Pokemon GO iToolab AnyGo map

    Step 3: Next, enable the Auto Jump After Cooldown option to access the chosen route to trade in Pokemon GO. Once you complete it, click on GO.

    lucky trade Pokemon GO Pressing Next on

    Step 4: To finish, click on the OK button to complete the proceedings.

    lucky trade Pokemon GO Jump Finish

    Using the software, you can import and collect the popular GPS route of Pokemon GO and use it accordingly. Moreover, the tool lets you change multiple iPhone locations at once. Overall, AnyGo makes Pokemon GO a whole lot more fun compared to conventional means. Also, it is compatible with the latest iOS versions and runs smoothly on Windows/Mac system.

    Hot FAQs about Lucky Trade Pokemon Go

    Still have more queries related to the Pokemon GO lucky trade? If yes, check out this thorough FAQ section.

    Q1: Which Pokémon is best for Lucky trade?

    Mewtwo is the best lucky trade Pokemon, as it is incredibly rare, powerful, and fun to play in Pokemon GO.

    Q2: How many lucky Pokémon can you get in a day?

    There is no limit on the number of lucky Pokemon that can catch inside the Pokemon GO game.

    Q3: Do Lucky Pokémon have better IVs?

    The minimum number of IVs for lucky Pokemon is 12, making them more potent than the average Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

    Q4: What’s more important IV or CP?

    IV is far more vital than CP as the Pokemon with significant IV will undoubtedly get the higher level. On the other hand, if you evolve a Pokemon with high CP, the evolved Pokemon’s maximum CP will still be lower.


    Now you know how to make lucky trade in Pokemon GO with a friend. Simply complete the tasks, and trade Pokemon over and over again to gain success. However, it doesn’t work for you, or you seek more miles in Pokemon GO, then iToolab AnyGo will make things happen for you. We hope that you have found this post useful. Feel free to share it with fellow Pokemon GO players.

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