5 Effective Ways to Fix Pokemon Go Black Screen of Death


    Pokemon Go Black Screen of Death

    Pokemon Go is a worldwide famous LBS game that needs users to go out and catch rare Pokemon. But users sometimes witness a Pokemon Go black screen which causes your screen to go blank and not be able to see anything. However, you don’t need to be tensed because the black screen Pokemon Go issue can be fixed. In this article, we are introducing 5 effective ways to fix the Pokemon Go black screen of death.

    What Cause Pokemon Go Black Screen of Death?

    Activating battery saver mode on your device is the most frequent cause of a Pokemon Go black screen of death. Due to this feature, your game will hang which also causes black displays and invisibility. For this problem, the general user experience is hampered which is relatively frequent. Some causes of why it occurs are given below:

    • Accumulation of cache
    • The majority of which consists of corrupt files are regular and excessive gaming results in cache build-up.

    • User settings
    • Including power-saving mode, custom settings and preferences on your phone might cause the issue.

    • App problems
    • When users download apk from fake websites, a black screen Pokemon Go issue arises.

    How to Fix When Pokemon Go Black Screen of Death?

    A Pokemon Go black screen can become very disturbing and irritating for its users. We have listed the five best steps to fix the Pokemon Go black screen for your betterment.

    1. Force Quit Pokemon Go App

    If your game crashes often and you’re not much worried about losing immediate or new data, then this method is helpful for you. Follow the below-given steps to force quit the Pokemon Go app:

    • At first, you have to leave the game.
    • To force quit, swipe up on the home screen.
    • After that try re-launching the game.

    Force quit Pokemon Go when Pokemon Go black screen of death

    To get rid of the Pokemon Go black screen, this method is effective. For Android, try going to “Storage > Apps > Pokemon Go > Force Stop” if you don’t find this option on the multitasking screen.

    2. Clear Pokemon Go’s Cache (Android Users)

    Your Pokemon Go could be crashing because of cache building and corruption for Android users. Follow this to solve the problem:

    • First, go to “Storage” and select “Apps”.
    • Navigate to installed apps and locate the “Pokemon Go” app.
    • Then tap and choose “Cache”.
    • Select “Ok” after clicking on “Clear Cache”.

    Clear Pokemon Go’s Cache when Pokemon Go black screen of death

    Your cache will be deleted and then your app should work well. The cache can slow down your game and affect performance. If you clear it often, it is beneficial for both your app and device.

    3. Turn Off GPS on Your Phone

    You can also try toggling the GPS setting on your phone off and on to get rid of the Pokemon Go black screen after the Niantic logo.

    For iOS Users

    Navigate to “Settings > Privacy > Location Services” and then toggle the “Location Services”.

    Turn Off GPS on Your iPhone when Pokemon Go black screen of death

    For Android Users

    Navigate to “Settings” and then scroll down to the “Location”. Once you are done scrolling to the location after that disable and enable it.

    Turn Off GPS on Your Android when Pokemon Go black screen of death

    4. Update Pokemon Go to Latest Version

    Users that face Pokemon Go black screens do not have the latest version of the application on their device most often. Follow the below-given steps to update Pokemon Go to the latest version:

    • At first, navigate to your play store or app store.
    • Then search for “Pokemon Go”.
    • Tap on the “Update” button.

    You will have unlocked so many new functions and features after updating and then your game will run smoothly.

    5. Reinstall Pokemon Go

    By either of the steps, users do not find any success in removing the Pokemon Go black screen rarely. The only unfortunate option will be reinstalling the game in that case. To reinstall Pokemon Go, follow the below-given steps:

    • At first, uninstall the app.
    • From the Play Store or App Store, install the game again.
    • By using your credentials, log into your game.

    With all Pokemon intact, you will be taken to your trainer account hopefully.

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