Does Move to iOS Need Wifi? 1 Minute to Know

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    Around 90% of people worldwide rely on smartphones, and what’s inside the phone is more crucial than the phone itself. That’s why whenever we change our mobile phone, we take old phone data to the new phone. Regarding Android-to-iPhone transfer, Movie to iOS is the best app to transfer Android data to iPhone. This app will transfer all your data wirelessly. However, wireless transfer still needs a stable internet connection. But for some reason, you won’t be able to connect your devices to a Wi-Fi connection. So the main question comes here, does Move to iOS need Wi-Fi? This guide will give you the answer to all your questions.

    What is Required for Move to iOS?

    Before knowing what is required to use Move to iOS, you should know about it first. This App is available on Android devices only as a native application that allows you to transfer different data types from Android to iOS in minutes. You can download the App from Google Play.

    Now comes the question of what is required for Move to iOS; you will need to use a Wi-Fi connection to transfer from Android to iPhone. Both devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi, and ensure to keep your devices near to each other. If the Wi-Fi is disconnected, the transfer will fail or be stuck at some point. If you want to transfer your data without issues, ensure that you have a strong internet connection.

    Why Does Move to iOS Disconnect Wifi?

    Move to iOS will never disconnect the Wi-Fi connection because the only thing required to transfer your data from this App is a Wi-Fi connection. You must connect your Android and iOS devices to the same internet connection. Once the transfer is completed, then you can disconnect the Wi-Fi connection.

    Can I Transfer Data from Android to iPhone without Wifi?

    As we have mentioned above, the answer to the question, can I transfer data from Android to iPhone without an internet connection is NO. To transfer data, you can use Move to iOS app which requires you to connect your both devices to Wi-Fi so the data available on your Android device can successfully transfer to your new iPhone.

    If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection nearby, you can still transfer your data from one device to another device. Simply pick up your laptop and download a third-party program that allows you Android to iOS data transfer. Now via data cable, export your data to your PC and then move your data to your iPhone.

    Some Air-Drop-like Apps are available in the market that can help you transfer data without a Wi-Fi connection. But we don’t recommend this method because it’s time-consuming.

    How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone without Wifi?

    Move to iOS is the best app to transfer your Android data to your iPhone. However, this app doesn’t work without a Wi-Fi connection. But a program is available online that allows you to transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone without an internet connection; this tool is known as iToolab WatsGo WhatsApp Transfer.

    iToolab WatsGo is a third-party program that allows WhatsApp transfer between Android and iOS in one click. With the help of this App, you can transfer a wide range of data types, which includes WhatsApp messages, images, videos, contacts, and much more. It also allows you to back up your WhatsApp data on a computer without Google Drive or iCloud.

    Here are the steps to use WatsGo to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

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    Step 1. iToolab WatsGo is a third-party program that needs to be downloaded on a PC; if you haven’t downloaded the program, then go to its official site and download the program. Then launch the program and select the WhatsApp transfer option.

    select whatsapp transfer from the main interface

    Step 2. Now pick up your Android and iPhone devices and connect with your PC via data cable. Use the arrows to select the source and target device.

    connect android and ios devices

    Step 3. Once the connection is made, the program will remind you that your target device will be overwritten. Make sure to back up the target device. Tip: You can use the iToolab WatsGo to back up the target device before transferring. Now choose the data you want to transfer to the target device. Text messages are selected by default.

    select whatsapp data file to transfer

    Step 4. After selecting the data types, the next step is to enable End-to-End encryption on your Android device. Follow the steps mentioned in the below image to enable encryption.

    • Once the backup is generated, the program will ask you to verify your WhatsApp backup with a 64-bit password.
    • After verification, you will move to the data generation stage, where Android data will be converted to the format applied to iPhone.

    generate whatsapp backup watsgo

    Step 5. Finally, a successful interface will appear on your screen, which means all your Android WhatsApp data is not successfully transferred to your iPhone.

    whatsapp transfer successfully

    Final Thoughts

    Does Move to iOS need Wi-Fi? Yes, this App requires a stable internet connection to transfer your mobile data from Android to iPhone. Moving to iOS only allows you to transfer your data from Android to iPhone; if you want to transfer the data another way, you have to look for another App.

    At the end of this guide, we have mentioned a program known as iToolab WatsGo that allows you to transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Android to Android, and iPhone to iPhone. You can use the same program to create a WhatsApp backup on a PC without any cloud and restore the backup to any device anytime.

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