How to Get Different Colored Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom Quickly?


    How to get different colored Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

    Niantic’s latest AR game in collaboration with Nintendo, Pikmin Bloom, is now available in many regions around the globe, players enjoy heading out into their neighborhood and collecting all the Pikmin they can find. The overall goal of Pikmin Bloom is to plant flowers all over your local area, but the best way to facilitate this is by collecting an army of Pikmin. In this guide, we’ll be going over how to get different colored Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom quickly.

    All Pikmin Types And Colors in Pikmin Bloom

    It is obvious that can see Pikmin types has unique appearances detailing and different color, and new players may be confused about what they’ll need to do to collect different variants. All the Pikmin shown in the trailer comes from the original game trilogy. And it’s said that the new original Pikmin will be introduced in the future.

    Following is the list of all available Pikmin types in Pikmin Bloom.

    Pikmin Images Pikmin Types Pikmin Features
    Jolteon Red Pikmin The red-colored Pikmin was introduced in Pikmin 1. It is resistant to fire.
    Espeon Blue Pikmin The blue-colored Pikmin was introduced in Pikmin 1 and can breathe underwater.
    Leafeon Yellow Pikmin The yellow-colored Pikmin was introduced in Pikmin 1. It can conduct electricity.
    Flareon White Pikmin The white-colored Pikmin was introduced in Pikmin 2. Super-speed is its strength, and it is poisonous.
    Glaceon Purple Pikmin The purple-colored Pikmin was introduced in Pikmin 2. Though it has a bulky body, it shows impressive strength to make up for it.
    Vaporeon Rock Pikmin The rock Pikmin was introduced in the latest Pikmin 3 and can break any class or crystal. It is probably the toughest Pikmin in the squad.
    Umbreon Winged Pikmin The winged Pikmin with flying ability was introduced in the latest Pikmin 3.

    How to Get Different Colored Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?

    Now that you know about the different varieties of Pikmin, the next phase is to learn how to get different colored Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom.

    Check out the list below!

    1. Red Pikmin

    As discussed earlier, Red Pikmin is immune to fire and will survive areas that others cannot. Moreover, they’re able to walk across dangerous terrain that other Pikmin cannot. Besides, you can encounter the Red Pikmin during exploration day 1 in the tropical regions. However, the pellets of these Red Pikmin are available all around the map.

    2. Blue Pikmin

    Blue Pikmin are hard to get in the Pikmin Bloom game because they require the player to first find a yellow or red Pikmin. Moreover, they are unavailable during the earlier levels of the game. The onion that contains the Blue Pikmin is surrounded by water.

    If you use a Red, Rock, or Yellow Pikmin to get that onion, then that Pikmin will drown. However, you can use their Winged Pikmin to fly into the air and grab the Blue Pikmin onion out of the water.

    3. Yellow Pikmin

    There are many kinds of Pikmin available to players, but not all of them are easy to find, which means that they do not appear on every single level and can only be encountered when the right circumstances are met during gameplay.

    The Yellow Pikmin, for example, is one of the rarer sorts found within ‘Pikmin 3’, and this type is situated on a specific level. Players need to progress further into the story until they reach “The Distant Tundra” to unlock the Yellow Pikmin and learn how to find them in-game.

    At this point, these unique little creatures will appear out of nowhere, primarily inside the dark cave, where you will also find the Yellow Pikmin onion.

    4. White Pikmin

    Players can unlock the White Pikmin variants in Pikmin Bloom. White Pikmin are a bit different from the regular Pikmin, and this is because they’re stronger and help move objects around in the world faster and more powerfully than other types of Pikmin.

    To get the White Pikmin, you must reach level 16, walk about 63000 steps, and should earn at least 1 star in the battle against the mushrooms.

    5. Purple Pikmin

    You can get the Purple Pikmin in the Emergence Cave in Pikmin 2. Yet, it isn’t accessible under conventional means in the latest Pikmin Bloom game. However, they make their appearance in the Bingo Battle and Mission Mode.

    6. Rock Pikmin

    It is arguably the most expensive unlockable Pikmin in the game and is the last addition to your party at level 23. Moreover, they are powerful.

    To reach this level, you need 161000 steps and 2000 flower plants along the way. Once you make it to this point in the game, it’s only natural that your crew will get significantly bigger to reach these goals – and the new Rock Pikmin will undoubtedly help!

    Also, you must get the Gray Seedling at Level 23 and further accumulate 5000 steps to unlock the Rock Pikmin finally.

    7. Winged Pikmin

    To reach levels 18 to 19, you need to walk 99000 steps and plant 100 flowers. Besides, you will get the Winged Pikmin Seedling as a reward. Similar to the Rock Pikmin, you must walk 5000 more steps to grow the seedling.

    How to Get More Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?

    Follow the tips mentioned below to learn how to get all Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom quickly:

    Tip 1 Plant Pikmin While Flowers Are Active

    Players should plant flowers while they are out and about exploring in Pikmin Bloom. By planting flowers, players are able to collect materials. For example, when given nectar, the Pikmin will bring you back flowers! If your garden is blooming while a flower is active, it’ll increase its growth speed by 10%.

    Tip 2 Use The Single-Use Slot Item to Grow more Pikmin

    The Single-Use Slot item allows players to speed up the amount of time it takes to grow more Pikmin after harvesting all the Pikmin sprouts.

    Tip 3 Planting Flowers Before Every Walk

    Whenever you go out to walk, ensure that you plant more and more flowers as this effort goes a long way.

    Tip 4 The More Steps Players Take, The More Pikmins will Grow

    Leveling up on Pikmin Bloom totally depends on the amounts of steps you collect while walking outside. The more steps you take, the faster you will reach the level required to unlock and grow the specific Pikmin Seedling.

    Tips and Tricks: Play Pikmin Bloom Everywhere in The World

    Over the course of a few years, Pikmin Bloom has gained a massive following worldwide. Unfortunately, the game is still unavailable in some regions of the world, which (supposedly)means there is no use in learning how to get all Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom.

    However, this geo-restriction can not prevent players from those parts of the globe from playing the game. They simply need to spoof their location using a reliable program like iToolab AnyGo. With this software, you can jump your iOS device virtually to any site where Pikmin Bloom is accessible.

    Download And Open AnyGo

    Also, it lets you simulate steps using the Two-Spot/Multi-Route mode so that you can grow Pikmin without ever leaving your house. AnyGo is compatible with the latest iPhone and iOS. Simply download AnyGo on your Windows or Mac system, and start playing Pikmin Bloom now!

    Secure Download
    Secure Download

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    Pikmin Bloom is an exciting game and is slowly but surely reaching the popularity of Pokemon Go. After reading this post, we hope you know all about the different varieties of Pikmin and the measures needed to get all Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom. Moreover, if you need to level up quickly in the game or unlock geo-restrictions, we recommend using iToolab AnyGo.

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