How to Get Supreme Title in Mobile Legends

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    Mobile Legends is an online battle arena developed and published to test people’s skills, fighting ability, and strategizing. This game is now popular in many areas, and it isn’t easy to achieve titles since many compete to gain them. Unless you are a pro player, it seems impossible to achieve a Supreme title. If you are a new player, how to get the Supreme title in Mobile Legends? It is now simple by locating to different regions with fewer players who play ML. Today, we will guide you on how to achieve the Supreme title easily.

    What is Mobile Legends Supreme Title?

    In Mobile Legends, top players from each country, province, and county can receive different titles. Starting from Beginner, Junior, Senior, and Supreme titles can be received depending on the rankings. These titles are displayed in each player’s profile. Each player would earn 20-30 points per win and lose one hero point if they lose. The rankings of players solely depend on the performance and points they collect. The Supreme titles are not awarded to all the players but the top 10 players from each country.
    The rankings for the titles are updated only once a week, and if the player has achieved a good ranking, the titles are granted. All the titles are shown to other players on the pre-battle loading screen and matchmaking. Sometimes it’s much harder to get the Supreme title if there are many players from the same country.

    Mobile Legends Supreme Title

    The Fastest Way to Get Supreme Title in ML

    We know that it is challenging to get a Supreme title in Europe and America. Also, as we mentioned previously, if there are many players from your country, getting the Supreme title is highly competitive and difficult. It would be best if you had the cooperation of a fixed team. If you are a solo player, how do you get the Supreme title? Mobile Legends players in some countries are not active, and there is no competition from top players, which means you can easily get #1 in the region. But sitting in a different country, how can you get the top-ranked position of another country? The best solution for this is to use a GPS Spoofer to fake the location.

    Use GPS Fake: iToolab AnyGo

    Changing the location is a critical factor that can ban you from the game if you don’t use the right tool. We introduced iToolab AnyGo software to fake the location without getting noticed by the game developers. By using AnyGo, you can set the longitudes/latitudes of the location, speed of the movement can control the movement with a keyboard or joystick as required. The search function provided will easily navigate you to the required location. Once you change the location, the current location will be changed to the destination in seconds.

    Key features

    • Fake GPS location, allowing you to change county, province/state in seconds easily
    • Simulate walking route with customized speed
    • Use joystick or keyboard to control walking
    • Connect multiple devices at the same time
    • Import GPX files with customized routes in the map
    • Compatible with the latest versions of the iOS device

    Download the latest version from here.

    How-to steps

    Step 01: Connect iPhone

    Connect your iPhone with the PC that you installed, AnyGo. Next, click on the Start button.

    Connect iPhone

    Step 02: Get the current location

    Once you click on thy Star button, you can see your current location on the map. If the location is not exact, click on the Center On icon on the window’s top right corner.

    Current Location

    Step 03: Search the location

    Now click on the Teleport icon at the bottom right corner and type the search bar’s destination. After typing, click Search.

    Search Location

    Step 04: Teleport to the location

    Finally, you can see the location on the map. Now click on the Go button to teleport to the location. To change the speed of the movement, you can adjust the slider and set the required speed.

    Teleport to the location

    Steps to Change Location in ML

    After you set the fake location, you need to change the settings of the game.

    Step 01: Open the Mobile Legends app and go to the Leaderboard. Then select Street ranking from the left menu. You can see a settings icon on the top right corner of the screen. Click on that and update the location, which will turn to the location you select in the location app.
    Step 02: Save the settings and go back and open a game and you can see that you have been redirected into the new location. Now you can top the ranking on those regions with ease.

    Change Location in ML

    Lowest MMR Country in ML 2021

    There are many countries with few ML players, their MMR is very low, you will easily get the supreme title in these countries. You should check our article on the lowest MMR countries for ML.

    Push Rank with Your Friends

    It isn’t easy to play with different people like your teammates on different days. This puts obstacles in planning, strategizing, and discuss the tactics. If you have a set of friends as your teammates continuously, you can understand each one’s strengths and weaknesses. Of course it is much easier to discuss strategies and plan the battles against opponents. Since the friends are known to each other, it is easier to continue discussions, unlike talking to strangers every day. This avoids internal conflicts and trash-talking. Hence, playing with friends as a team increases the percentage of winning since everyone knows who should be put in front and who needed to be defended.

    Persevere and Get Supreme Title

    Perseverance is the key to success in ML. The first thing you should do is to be consistent with the sole hero that you selected. Being consistent, you can easily achieve the Supreme title. If you have already obtained a Supreme title using a hero, you need to be consistent and should be able to protect the title. Otherwise, the title will be removed from you and granted to somebody else. It is important that you don’t get bored with the hero that you use. Always be energetic and face the battles. Then you can retain the title forever.


    Wanting to obtain the Supreme title by yourself requires a strong team and unremitting efforts in ML. Here we introduce the fastest way to get the Supreme title; AnyGo will help you locate to lower MMR countries and achieve the Supreme titles. The important thing here is not to get noticed for any suspicious location change. AnyGo is good at providing you a secure location change without getting noticed by others. Once you achieve the Supreme title in one area, by just using AnyGo, you can move to another region in seconds.

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