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She is a game enthusiast and has been engaged in the software industry for 10 years, providing professional content for many software companies. Good at software evaluation for iPhone, Mac and other fields.
How to Change Location on Google, All You Want to Know

For some years now, Google has automatically detected the locations either through GPS, recent locations, or through the IP of the device, making it impossible to change these parameters through configuration. To manually change the location, for example, tell Google that we are located in different place like Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, or Paris, we need … read more

Amanda Chall


How to Find Pokémon Go Nest Locations/Coordinates

If you have been playing Pokémon Go for some time, you should know the importance of nests. As it is possible to deduce by the name, the nests are places where the same Pokémon usually appears in a regular and numerous form, usually located around PokéStops and Gyms; they tend to change places every two … read more

Amanda Chall


How to Hide and Change Your Location on Snapchat Map

If you use Snapchat and travel a lot, you already know that the app provides you with a wide variety of filters, badges, and stickers as you visit each new location. These little bonuses are a nice touch that allows you to show off your trips to your Snapchat friends. Snapchat knows which filters and … read more

Amanda Chall


3 Ways to Change Spotify Location without Being There

Even though the Internet is an open and borderless network, we often find geographic restrictions on certain websites, especially those for streaming movies and series. “This service is not available in your country” is a phrase that we find more and more. To solve this, we need to find a solution. In this article, we’ll … read more

Amanda Chall


[Solved] Spotify Can’t Change Country, Why & How?

Spotify Free or Spotify Premium users always come across different problems while enjoying Spotify music while traveling. These problems occur mainly due to the country restrictions imposed by Spotify. All these problems have solutions, and today we’ll be discussing few methods that you can overcome this restriction. But first, let’s take a look at the … read more

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Best Way to Spoof Minecraft Earth on iOS (No Jailbreak)

Can I lie on the sofa and play Minecraft Earth without moving? Due to the prevailing situations, many people tend to think of staying home and playing their favorite games. But when it comes to location-based games like Minecraft, it is important to update the locations you travel to and capture them. The best solution … read more

Amanda Chall


Walking Dead: Our World Fake GPS Tricks [Always Work]

The Walking Dead: Our World is a mobile-based game on the popular TV series; The Walking Dead. This game uses the player’s geolocation and uses Augmented Reality to bring characters into reality. Since the game requires players to walk to different parts and survive life from zombies, it is important to use a fake GPS … read more

Amanda Chall