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Amanda Chall

She is a game enthusiast and has been engaged in the software industry for 10 years, providing professional content for many software companies. Good at software evaluation for iPhone, Mac and other fields.
All You Should Know About Bumble Travel Mode

Bumble is an online dating app launched in 2014. Its feature is that in heterosexual matches, only female users can contact matching male users first, while in gay matches, either party can message first. As of January 2021, Bumble has become the second most popular dating app in the United States, second only to Tinder. … read more

Amanda Chall


How to Trick Life360 to Stop Monitor

Is there a way to trick the life360 app? I snuck off to my girl’s house at 12:30 am last night and almost got caught bc my mom uses the life360 app to try and monitor me and my brother. Is there a way to trick the app or at least get it to stop … read more

Amanda Chall


[New Answer] How to Get Tinder Gold for Free?

Trying to have Tinder Gold for free is not an easy task now. On one occasion, the app had a system error in which many people took advantage of it to see the photos of those who gave them “Like,” which is one of the Tinder Gold benefits. Some websites and articles show different ways … read more

Amanda Chall


As a Professional Family Locator by Life360, How it Works?

What is Life360 Family Locator? Life360 is an app that works as a family locator. Thanks to GPS technology, you will enjoy a precise location and tracking service for registered devices with this app. With Life360, you can create a space so that your family is always connected, as well as guaranteeing the safety and … read more

Amanda Chall


How to Stop Someone from Spying Location of your Phone

We live in a time when many large companies collect our location data and spy on our behavior. Also, what happens when other ordinary people also trying to spy on you? There can be various types of apps installed on your mobile phone, and you have given full permission without your knowledge. Some of these … read more

Amanda Chall


How Pokémon Go Cooldown Works? Pokemon Go Cooldown Chart 2024

Pokémon Go has implemented many ways to keep away the cheaters. Spoofing GPS location is even considered as violating terms and conditions. They have introduced Cooldown Time to avoid repeating multiple actions in different locations in a shorter period. In this article, we’ll explain to you the concept, the actions that can ban you from … read more

Amanda Chall


How to Hide Location on Find My Friends

Apple-designed Find My Friends in 2012 as a means of improving connections with friends and family. The Find My Friends app is handy for situations in which you are with a group of people, and you need to know where the people who accompany you are. What few have considered is that Find My Friends … read more

Amanda Chall


How to Stop Someone from Tracking Your Phone

Did you notice any strange interference on your calls? Do you suspect that you are being watched? In fact, with everything we see on the Internet today, it is not difficult to think about this possibility. Because technology allows this kind of thing. The problem, however, is that in addition to location, those who track … read more

Amanda Chall