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    It is always highly recommended to update your devices regularly, but some Apple users find issues after updating iOS beta. Some of them are minor problems while others are far more problematic.

    These issues may be like downloading and installation errors, Face ID problems, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, Auto-brightness issues, bugs, crashes, and the problem with the first- and the third-party application. These problems are also occurring each time you update like iOS 14, iOS 14.7 beta 2, etc. also have the same kind of issues.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone

    How iOS 15 Beta Mess up iPhone?

    Apple will fix some of these early iOS 15 Beta problems, but some of them will probably linger throughout the beta testing process. So many users wondering what problems might cause if their iPhone 11/x or other versions messing up.

    So, the followings are the issues iPhone users are facing after installation of iOS Beta:

    1. Installation and download problems

    Many iPhone users find the problem in installation and downloading applications after updating iOS beta as it messed up their devices.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone failed installation

    2. FaceTime issues

    Another common issue after updating iOS 15 beta is call fails and receiving and making a call is not possible, FaceTime options are not available in settings, error in call logs, error in the contact list or phone calls or contacts App not showing FaceTime button.

    iPhone with iOS 15 beta update faceTime issues

    3. Wi-Fi connectivity issues

    Some of the iPhone users also find difficulty in connectivity of the Wi-Fi as they are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone Wi-fi connectivity issue

    4. Face ID problems

    Another common error in Face ID detection. Majority of the iPhone users complain that their device is unable to detect their Face ID.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone face ID problem

    5. Problems with auto-brightness, crashes, and lag

    After updating iOS 15 beta, iPhone users also find some other common problems with auto-brightness, crashes, and lagging of their iPhone.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone lagging problem

    6. Problems with first and third-party applications

    Usually, First and third-party application errors are faced by iPhone users such as third-party app integration errors, access issues between third-party system integration and the product, and incompatibility of the third-party integration and the product interface.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone first and third party issue

    7. Screen colors messed up

    Sometimes the color of the screen is messed up as display screen colors are distorted after the update of iOS 15 beta.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone iPhone screen color messed up

    8. Finder might become unresponsive

    When you use Restore Image, your Finder may not work properly. As the Finder is a crucial part, it can get frustrating when it stops responding and disturbs your workflow.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone finder might become unresponsive

    9. Camera problems

    If you have installed iOS 15 public beta,the live text of your camara may cannot work. Moreover,Panorama mode “might produce unexpected results.

    10. CarPlay connectivity

    When you sharing the screen in SharePlay Session, you may fail to connecting the phone to the Carplay.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone CarPlay connectivity

    11. Files quitting

    You file may quit unexpectedly if you choose open in new window for a file.

    12. Find My network issues

    Notify When Left Behind isn’t supported for Intel-based Macs or Apple Watches. And the text indicating on Notify that the Find My network is active when your iOS device needs to be charged only displays only when your device language is set to English.

    13. Home screen widget problems

    When you select a category in the widget gallery, you might see the wrong category appear, in which case you should dismiss and reopen the gallery.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up home screen widget problems

    14. SharePlay unavailable message

    SharePlay in the beta may meet some problems, including that it might appear to be unavailable. On some devices, your FaceTime camera may turn off when a screen-sharing session begins. If more than five people are on a call, performance might drop.

    Top 2 Ways to Fix iOS 15 Beta Messed up iPhone

    Are you worried about how to fix the iOS 15 beta messed up iPhone? And do you want to fix your iPhone after updating iOS 15 Beta? Then you do not need to worry because you are in a right place to solve your problems.

    Followings are some tips and tricks to solve your issue efficiently:

    1. Downgrade from iOS 15 Beta

    If you are unsatisfied with the latest update of iOS 15 beta and find problems related to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or issues with cellular data you can simply drop down back from iOS 15 beta to iOS 14. But Apple company is signing to iOS 14 and stop signing on iOS 14.5.1 which means you are now unable to get the older version than iOS 14.6.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone downgrade iOS iPhone

    But a downgraded system is a complex thing, here is a useful and easy-to-use tool named “FixGo”. You can easily solve all your problems with this tool such as solving iOS 15 issues and downgrade to any supported version without losing data.

    2. Download iToolab FixGo

    Another useful method to solve your problems with iOS 15 Beta by download iToolab FixGo. FixGo tool is an immensely useful tool as it solves 200+ iOS system issues not only this but also repair TvOS stuck issues on Apple TV. It also downgrades to any supported versions without losing data. It not only repairs the iOS 15 Beta issues but also downgrades to any supported version without losing data. You can enter and exit recovery mode for free with just one click. The most exciting thing about this tool is it is compatible with all the latest versions of the iOS system of iPhone 12 iOS system 14.6 and iPad iOS 14.6.

    It is quite easy to use FixGo to fix your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch easily,just 3 steps.

    Step 1: Connect the device to PC or Laptop

    Firstly, you must connect your device to the computer or laptop.Connect the faulty iOS device to the computer using the device’s lightning cable and click “Fix Now” to begin.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone standard mode interface

    Step 2: Download Firmware Package

    Click on “Browse” to select the path for the firmware and then click “Download” to begin downloading the latest iOS firmware for the device.

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone FixGo standard mode download

    Step 3: Fix the System Issue

    Now we will start uploading the firmware on your iPhone. After everything is done, just disconnect the iPhone from the PC!

    iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone FixGo standard mode fixing Now

    You now have the best tips to repair this difficult problem of how to fix iPhone iOS 15 beta mess up iPhone. Besides, the excellent repair tool – FixGo can fix any iOS issues on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without data loss.

    People Also Ask about iOS 15 Beta

    Q: Does iOS 15 Beta free downlaod?

    If you want to get in on the iOS action early, consider the public beta. Some of your existing apps might not work with the OS and you could lose data, but if you’re willing to try it out, there’s no fee to join.

    Q: How I leave the iOS 15 Beta?

    Simply removing the profile will stop you from getting further beta releases, but it doesn’t get you back to iOS 14 or iPadOS 14. To do that, you need to put your iPhone or iPad in recovery mode, connect it to your Mac or PC, and then use Finder (or iTunes on PC) to download the current regular iOS version and restore your device.


    In this article, we have discussed all the problems and issues of the iOS 15 beta update. As we cannot avoid many problems caused by updating the iOS system but the best choice in this situation is to use iToolab FixGo, which will help in solving all your problems. iToolab is an extremely useful tool to solve all the problems so give it a try and make your life much easier with it.If you find this article useful, do not forget to share it with your friends and family.

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