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How to Bypass FRP with SD Card without Computer


    Are you tired of being locked out of your device due to Factory Reset Protection (FRP) and trying to remove it using your SD card? Frustrated with complex solutions that require a Ph.D. in tech wizardry? Well, you’re in luck!

    Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or just someone who uses their phone for calls and texts, welcome to our guide on “How to Bypass FRP with an SD Card without a Computer”, in this article we’ll walk you through the process with clear and simple instructions.

    Here’s the best part – if you find yourself stuck or unsuccessful, we have a bonus tip waiting for you at the end, guaranteed to help you regain access to your beloved device. So let’s get started!

    Part 1: Can You Bypass FRP with an SD Card Only?

    You might have heard whispers of a solution for FRP bypass with an SD card only. But before you rush to grab that memory card, let’s set the record straight – the answer is no, you can’t bypass FRP with an SD card alone. An additional FRP bypass APK is essential to make this method work effectively.

    In the following sections, we’ll explore various methods to get the job done and you will regain access to your device so hang on…

    Part 2: How to Bypass FRP with an SD Card without a Computer?

    If you’re an Android enthusiast who uses custom ROMs or recoveries, there’s a nifty solution for you – the FRP developed by Zillinium, available on the XDA forum. It’s a custom flashable zip file designed to help you in FRP bypass with an SD card without a computer.

    You can use it on any Android phone running Android Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Pie 9.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, 10 Q, and even the latest Android 11 device.

    1. Start by downloading the XDA FRP file to your computer.

    2. Insert an SD card into your computer.

    3. Locate the FRP Flashable file you just downloaded, and copy it to your Micro SD Card.

    4. Insert the SD card with the FRP file into your FRP-locked phone.

    5. Switch off your Android phone.

    6. Boot your device into a Custom Recovery Mode.

    bypass frp with sd card

    7. Depending on the recovery you use, select “Flash Zip” or “Install” from the menu. Navigate to the MicroSD card and select the FRP

    8. Proceed to flash the FRP Destroyer file.

    9. After flashing, select “Reboot” and then “System”.

    10. That’s it! You’ve successfully bypassed the FRP lock using the FRP

    This tool is specifically designed for those who are familiar with custom recoveries and ROMs. So, if you’re in this category, the FRP could be your ticket to unlocking your Android device with ease.

    Part 3: Failed to Bypass FRP with SD Card? Fixed Here

    FRP Destroyer file tool is specifically designed for those who are familiar with custom recoveries and ROMs. So, if you’re in this category, the FRP could be your ticket to unlocking your Android device with ease but if not you need a better alternative that can bypass your FRP lock easily.

    Looking into smartphone locking issues for several years iToolab has designed UnlockGo (Android) – A powerful handy FRP bypass tool packed with awesome features that will not only save your time but your privacy too.

    With thousands of satisfied users, UnlockGo (Android) is committed to giving you a seamless and easy FRP bypass solution without an SD card by only using your PC or laptop.

    Want to know more about it? Check out the benefits below!

    UnlockGo (Android) – Easy FRP Bypass Tool

    • Bypass FRP/PIN verification on Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, vivo and OPPO devices.
    • It doesn’t require an SD card or any bypass APK file.
    • The process to bypass FRP is easy and fast. It can be finished within several minutes.
    • It’s compatible with the latest Android versions.

    Now the picture is surely clear before you which option should you choose, so let’s go deeper and discuss the procedure of bypassing FRP via UnlockGo (Android). In this process, we are considering bypassing FRP on Samsung devices.

    Step 1 Connect Your Samsung Device to Your Computer

    • Download and install iToolab UnlockGo (Android) on your computer.
    • Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung device to your PC.
    • On the UnlockGo (Android) interface, select the “Bypass Samsung FRP” feature.
    • Click the “Start” button to initiate the process.

    bypass samsung frp

    Step 2 Select the Appropriate Solution to Bypass FRP

    • In this step, you will choose the unlocking method that suits your Android system. We recommend the first option, an innovative method that can remove Samsung FRP locks on Android 5-13 in just 3 minutes.
    • Click “Next” to proceed.

    bypass samsung frp all android versions

    Step 3 Enable USB Debugging When Locked by FRP

    • Use the secret code provided to access the hidden Samsung Diagnostics Menu (Test Menu).
    • UnlockGo (Android) will assist you in enabling USB debugging on your Samsung device.

    access diagnostics menu

    If you can’t find the Emergency Call button on the Welcome screen, click the green link that says “try this way” on the UnlockGo (Android) screen.
    It won’t be possible to enter the Diagnostics menu if you enter the emergency dial via the Power off menu.

    Step 4 Congratulations! Google FRP Lock Removed

    • After granting the necessary permissions, the Google account verification screen should be bypassed within seconds.

    bypass google frp lock successfully

    With UnlockGo (Android), you’ve successfully removed the FRP lock from your Samsung device, ensuring hassle-free access to your device’s features and functions. Enjoy your unlocked device!

    The Bottom Line

    Now this ambiguity should be clear that FRP bypass with SD card only is not possible but if you remove FRP with SD card without a computer, you need the XDA FRP file which is exclusively for tech-savvy users who know Android custom recoveries and ROMs.

    But if you choose iToolab UnlockGo (Android) you are free from the barriers of bypassing FRP using an SD card, additional tools, etc. You don’t need to know technical expertise, you can unlock your phone in minutes sitting from anywhere, all you need is your PC and a good internet connection. So get it now!

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