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I am a passionate tech geek with over 2 years of experience in Content & Copywriting. I love to write technical solutions and how-tos pertained to Android or iOS devices.
[FAQ] How To Turn Off Samsung Without Password?

Locked Samsung phones ask for a password when you want to switch it off. Especially, when you don’t remember the password and tend to turn it off instead of switching to recovery mode which keeps restarting and leads you back to the locked screen. Let’s dive into the most in-depth answers for how to turn … read more

Tooba Sahar


How to Use Google Assistant without Unlocking Phone on Android

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant that interacts with you through your voice. The feature relies on natural language processing and machine learning to understand and act to your command. All you need to say is, Hey Google, and it will help you out with virtually anything. Do you know you can use … read more

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How to Fix Android Face Unlock Not Working [Also For Samsung]

My Android’s face unlock not working since I updated Android 11 on my Samsung phone. Is there any way to fix this? Android is the most powerful operating system powered by Google. It is designed to handle multiple tasks at a time with a beautiful UI for the best user experience. Android’s Face Recognition security … read more

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Free Solutions of Samsung Account Unlock/Bypass

Most people are locked out of their Samsung account, so they want quick solutions to Samsung Account Unlock, but it might be a complex process. Bought a second-hand phone, anomalous factory reset, or forgetting your password or if the reactivation lock enabled before, your Samsung account cannot unlock without previously synced Samsung ID and password. … read more

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2021 Easy Steps to Unlock a Google Locked Phone

What should I do if Google locked me out of my phone? Google locked your phone for many reasons. It often happens when you buy a second-hand Google locked phone that was locked by the previous owner or even Google locked your phone if you forgot your Google account or password. This is an FRP … read more

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Why Does My Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

Fingerprint sensors are fast, secure, and widely used on lots of devices including Android and iOS. Fingerprint sensor (Touch ID in iOS) is used for multiple purposes as a security solution. Secret codes are the best way to keep your data safe and confidential. Every person has a unique secret code on their fingers that … read more

Tooba Sahar