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How to Perform Sony Password Reset If It’s Locked?

Numerous reasons develop a need to reset your Sony password. Your phone might be locked out due to a forgotten password that you set up a few days ago. Fortunately, your Android is programmed in a way to tackle these issues by going through some processes. So here you will specifically learn how to reset … read more

Tooba Sahar


How to Unlock Alcatel Phone Password/Pattern Lock?

Did you forget the PIN on your Alcatel phone and looking for a handy solution to unlock your Alcatel phone without any software issues? So, this article will share all the possible ways to tackle your locked phone. Alcatel phones come up with a built-in security feature that provides an anti-theft shield to your data … read more

Tooba Sahar


How to Remove Privacy Password If Forgot Security Questions in Vivo?

Your Android phone has all the significant data that you don’t want to share with anyone. So, for extreme security patches, you set strong passwords, security questions, third-party apps, and two-step verification to protect your data. But if you forgot your security question, we share the best way here to remove the password without security … read more

Tooba Sahar


How to Unlock ASUS ZenFone Forgot PIN/Pattern?

The most significant problem faced by ASUS users is how to unlock Asus Zenfone when forgot PIN, pattern, or password? Each condition that sources a phone to get locked is different. Hence, people usually choose to factory reset their ASUS Zenfone that removes all data. Fortunately, we have special techniques that unlock forgotten PINs or … read more

Tooba Sahar


How to Unlock Lenovo Phone If Forgot PIN/Password/Pattern?

Are you looking for a solution to how Lenovo mobile unlocks in cases of a forgotten PIN, pattern, or password? Then this guide has the most realistic tactics that unlock your Lenovo phone/tablet that 100% work for you without a factory reset. People usually prefer to factory reset their phone which results in total data … read more

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How to Remove PIN When Locked Out of Samsung Watch?

Our hopes for Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches are naturally inconsistent and it, fortunately, does all the things from getting a phone call to tracking your health. Leaving your watch lying around without a security lock isn’t a good idea as it opens for anyone to access easily. So, when you set up a PIN or password … read more

Tooba Sahar