How to Reset a Huawei Phone That Is Locked


    Setting a password to unlock the Android phones is a common practice we usually follow. This brings many advantages to users especially preventing authorized access. However, if the user forgets the password used for unlocking can prevent accessing services on the phone. This would raise the question of how to reset a Huawei phone that is locked, which we will address in this article. Moreover, we will introduce software that can be used to unlock the device from the comfort of your home.

    When Do You Need to Reset Huawei Phone?

    Some users might be curious to know why we need to reset Huawei phones. There can be different reasons depending on the user. We have listed down a few common issues that lead the way to reset.

    When the user forgets the password, PIN, or pattern

    With busy schedules, users might forget the password, PIN, or pattern to unlock the device. When we face such an incident, the only way to regain access is to reset the phone and clear the previously used security option.

    When the user bought a secondhand phone

    On some occasions, you find that the first owner of the phone has not removed the passwords used before selling to you. In this case, to access the services, we need to remove the existing password and apply your new password after performing a reset.

    Note: If there is a previous Google account has been signed into the phone, the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) will be triggered after resetting. Here is a blog about bypassing Huawei/Honor FRP lock in case you need it.

    When the password was accidentally changed

    There can be incidents where users mistakenly set a wrong password, or it may be a child who has changed the password without your consent. In this case, again, we need to perform a reset to clear the passwords and then set a new password to unlock the device.

    How to Reset Huawei Phone When Locked?

    1. Soft reset Huawei phone

    A soft reset usually takes a few seconds and what we do is turn off the device and reboot after a few seconds. On some occasions, restarting the phone might help to unlock the device.

    How to perform a soft reset

    Step 1: Push the Power button and hold it for a few seconds until the Power Off option is visible on the screen.

    Step 2: Tap on the Power Off icon on the screen.

    Soft reset Huawei phone Step 3: Wait until the device completes shuts down. After waiting a few seconds, push the Power button again to restart the device.

    Step 4: Once the Huawei restarts, try the password again.

    If you are still facing the issue, follow the hard resetting that we explain below.

    2. Hard Reset Huawei phone

    Hard Reset or the factory reset will reset all the settings and take the device to its original status. This means all your data and other installed apps will get wiped out. To answer how to hard reset a Huawei phone, follow the below procedure.

    How to perform a hard reset

    Step 1: Turn off the Huawei phone by pressing and holding the Power button.

    Step 2: Next, press the Volume Up button and the Power button together for a few seconds.

    Hard Reset Huawei phone Step 3: Wait until the Recovery mode loads on the screen. Select the Wipe data/factory reset option from the menu using Volume Up/Down buttons and then confirm it with the Power button.

    Step 4: Enter the word “yes” in the space provided and tap on hit the Wipe data/factory reset button.

    Step 5: Press the Wipe data/factory reset button again to confirm the hard reset.

    Step 6: This will start the hard resetting and wait until the process completes. After that, tap on the Reboot system now option to restart the unlocked device.

    How to Factory Reset Huawei Phone with Google Account?

    Google Find My Device is a great option for people trying to locate a lost or stolen device. Users can also use this option to unlock their Huawei phones. Find My Phone was previously known as Android Device Manager, and with a few steps, users can erase the device information and data which likes reset Huawei phone to factory resettings.

    Step 1: Open the browser on your PC and sign into Google Find My Device using the Google account.

    Step 2: Pick the Huawei phone you want to unlock from the list.

    How to Factory Reset Huawei Phone with Google Account Step 3: Click on the ERASE DEVICE option from the 3 options available.

    Step 4: Click on ERASE DEVICE again and log in your Google account to continue.

    This method will easily reset Huawei phone only if the user possesses the credentials of the Google account associated with the Huawei phone.

    Better Option Than Reset Huawei Phone

    Finding the best solution to reset Huawei phone without Google account is hard since the requirement of each user varies depending on the Huawei model. As a solution, iToolab has introduced software that any Huawei user can use to reset the Huawei phones and tablets without even moving out from home. It is no secret that iToolab UnlockGo (Android) is one of the highly recommended software in the market, providing the facility to remove any lock-in Android and bypass Google FRP lock in a few minutes. The speciality is the easiness of use. For users who have no technical skills, still, UnlockGo is the recommended tool due to the user-friendliness of the interface.

    UnlockGo (Android)

    Huawei Lock Screen Removal

    • Remove any screen lock on Android
    • No complicated steps and easy to use
    • Supports 15 brands, including Huawei and 2000+ Android and tablet models
    • Remove Samsung screen lock on Samsung S7 and below without data loss
    • All the Android OS supported for screen unlocking
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    How to reset Huawei phone with UnlockGo

    Step 1: Connect the Huawei phone to PC

    Once you download and install the UnlockGo on your PC, connect the Huawei phone to the PC using the USB cable. Then open the software and select Unlock Screen Lock option. On the next screen, click on the Start button.

    Unlock Android Phone Step 2: Confirm device information

    Select the phone brand from the list and click Unlock button.

    Select the brand of Android device Step 3: Put the device to Recovery mode

    To put the device to Recovery mode, turn off the Huawei phone using the Power button. Then turn it on by pressing the Volume Up and Power buttons together until you see the recovery mode. Then let go of the pressed buttons.

    Enter Huawei eRecovery mode Step 4: Follow the procedure on the screen

    After entering recovery mode, follow the steps on the screen until the device reboots the option. Depending on the device model, a reboot can initiate automatically.

    Step 5: Unlock successfully

    Finally, once the device reboots, set a new password to your Huawei device.

    Tips: How to Reset Huawei Phone Normally?

    1. Reset Huawei mobile from Settings menu

    Entering the recovery mode can be a bit tricky. Instead of that method, users can use the Settings app of the Huawei device to unlock the screen. To reset the Huawei phone from the Settings menu, follow the below steps.

    1. Open the Settings app on the phone and find the Backup and reset option under the Personalization section.
    2. Tap on that and select the Factory Data Reset option.
    3. Read through the details available on the screen and tap on the Reset device button. This process will reset the device to its factory default settings.

    2. Using Huawei factory reset code

    Users can reset the Huawei phone to factory settings by using the Huawei reset code. To know how to reset Huawei phones to factory settings using the secret code, follow the below procedure.

    1. Go to the dialer.
    2. Type the Huawei secret reset code *#*#2846579#*#* using the keypad.
    3. Tap on the Restore Factory option from the menu.
    4. Confirm the resetting using the OK button.


    It is clear how to reset Huawei phone when you forget the unlocking password. By following the solutions mentioned here, users can unlock their phones on their own without spending a penny. We highly recommend that all users try iToolab UnlockGo (Android), which will provide the option to unlock any screen lock on many Android devices.

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