Is It Possible to Unlock Face ID While Sleeping?


    Have you ever wondered, can someone unlock a Face ID while sleeping? Or is it even possible to unlock Face ID while sleeping? Everyone thought about it when this technology was introduced, and there were some concerns regarding this as well, but as everyone thought about this, so did the people at Apple. Face ID depends on each feature of your face. When we set up the Face ID, it scans the face and detects each feature of the face so it can be used to unlock the Face ID by comparing the face with it. So the answer to the question, can someone unlock Face ID while sleeping, is no. Further in the article, we are going to dig deep into the technology of the Face ID and how it works; then, this will be more clear.

    Can Face ID Work While Sleep?

    If you are sleeping, then your eyelids are closed, so unlocking Face ID is not possible because Face ID detects the eyes and checks if they are opened or not, and then unlocks the iPhone. So to unlock the Face ID while sleeping, someone needs to open the eyelids of the sleeping person to unlock it, which is very unlikely. Due to this, we can derive that we cannot unlock face id while sleeping because it detects not only the face but also the eyes as well.

    The Tech Behind Face ID

    The technology behind Face ID is very advanced. But can you trick Face ID with a picture and unlock iPhone Face ID while sleeping? Apple uses a technology called ‘TrueDepth camera system,’ which uses multiple light projectors and sensors to take multiple pictures of the facial features and then store them to compare them. It creates a 3D map of your face and uses Infrared Light while taking pictures, so Face ID can work anywhere, anytime.

    So, we cannot trick Face ID with a picture and unlock iPhone Face ID while sleeping because a picture is 2D, and Face ID mapping is in 3D and requires a real face to compare and unlock it.

    How to Set up Face ID and Disable Face ID?

    We are going to walk you through each step to either set up the Face ID or disable the Face ID. IT is not difficult to enable or disable this feature as it is part of the iPhone’s core features.

    Set up Face ID

    • Open Settings app.
    • Face ID & Passcode.
    • Set up Face ID.

    unlockgo - set face id

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    Disable Face ID

    • Open Settings app.
    • Face ID & Passcode.
    • Tap on Reset Face ID to completely disable the Face ID.

    Face ID not Working? How to Unlock Easily?

    If, due to some reason, malfunction or even if you want to unlock your iPhone while sleeping, then there is a way to unlock it very easily by using a very remarkable app called iToolab UnlockGo – Face ID unlocker. UnlockGo can be used to remove any kind of screen lock without any effort. It can unlock 4-Digit passcode, 6-Digit passcode, custom code, Touch ID, or Face ID. It can unlock an iPhone in any scenario, whether you forgot the passcode, iPhone is disabled, multiple incorrect attempts, Face ID is not working, Touch ID is not working, or you used iPhone with a passcode or damaged screen.

    If you are wondering how to use this app, then do not worry; we have it covered as well. Follow these steps, and the iPhone will be unlocked in no time.

    Step 1. Download the UnlockGo app and open the downloaded UnlockGo application.

    Step 2. On the UnlockGo application, select “​​Unlock Screen Passcode”.

    unlockgo - select unlock screen passcode

    Step 3. Connect the device with your computer, and the software will automatically detect the connected device.

    Step 4. Now, we need to download the latest firmware.On the UnlockGo application, you will see the download Firmware screen.

    unlockgo - download firmware

    Step 5. Once Firmware is downloaded, click the “Start Unlock” button. Keep your device connected while the phone is being unlocked.

    unlockgo - start to unlock

    Step 5. Once the iPhone is successfully unlocked, you can set up a new passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID. And restore data with iCloud or iTunes backup.

    unlockgo - unlock successfully


    Even though unlocking an iPhone while sleeping is not possible if we use traditional methods due to the advanced technology used by Apple, which uses a 3D map of the face, we can use iToolab WatsGo to overcome this and unlock an iPhone while sleeping with little to no effort and in no time.

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