How to Reset Computer Windows 7 with or without CD


    Are you aware of “how to reset the computer to factory settings, Windows 7”? If the answer is no, the below-mentioned information is ideal for you.

    When we encountered stuck computer working slowly, formatting or factory resetting windows system is always the fisrt thing come into mind, apart from that there are plenty of reasons associated with resetting the operating system. However, it deletes the data that can never be restored again. So, if you want to protect your data, you can store it on an external device. Further, proceed on resetting the windows. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at how to reset computer Windows 7 with or without CD.

    Part 1: How to Reset Computer Windows 7 with A CD

    It is not so much difficult to reset the computer Windows 7 with CD as it sounds. All you need to do is, consider the below-mentioned information. Here comes the list of some steps that are the answer to how to factory reset computer Windows 7 with CD.

    1. First “Turn off” the device and disconnect all the connections excluding the monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Turn it on after that.
    2. Press the “Window key” on your keyboard and write “Recovery”. Further, choose the option of “recovery” that is displayed on your computer screen.
    3. Select the option of “Advanced recovery methods”. advanced recovery methods
    4. Click on the “Reinstall windows” that reflect on your screen after the fourth step. reinstall windows
    5. Some information will be displayed on the screen, you need to click on the “yes”.
    6. Choose the option of “Back up now” and proceed further.
    7. Once you are done with the option of the backup, tap on “Restart” and consider all the instructions that will display on your screen. restart control panel

    Part 2: How to Reset Computer Windows 7 Password without CD

    When the question comes “how to reset computer password Windows 7”, iToolab UnlockGo for Windows is the best option you can have. With this, you can easily reset local, domain or even admin passwords with one click. You can remove or create local, admin or domain accounts as well. It’s completely easy and secure to use.

    Secure Download

    ⭐ Step 1: Download the tool on another PC and install it. Launch t once installation gets successful. Click on “Start” when you see the main interface. This will download the data package to your system.

    unlockgo main interface

    ⭐ Step 2: Now, you will need to have a disk or CD which will help you later. Insert it in the PC and choose the corresponding option to which device you’re using. Hit on “Next” afterward.

    choose disk to burn

    ⭐ Step 3: Your device will start to burn by the software. Wait for the completion.

    burn disk

    ⭐ Step 4: When it gets completed, detach it from the PC and now get to your locked PC. Insert the disk in it and follow the instructions given below in the image to enter the boot menu.

    burn disk

    ⭐ Step 5: When you are on the boot menu screen, select the “Boot” tab with the help of arrow keys. Choose Boot device priority and press the F10 key to save.

    boot menu interface

    ⭐ Step 6: Now comes the important part. You will be able to see the interface of the tool iToolab UnlockGo. It will be asking you to enter the Windows version you own. Do it and choose “Next”.

    choose windows os

    ⭐ Step 7: Click on “Reset Account Password” from the 4 options you can see now. Hit “Next” right after that.

    reset account password

    ⭐ Step 8: You can now enter the password you want and click on “Reset” to confirm.

    type password and confirm

    Extra Tips: How to Reset Computer to Factory Reset Windows 7

    Do you also have confusion regarding the “how to delete everything on Windows 7 without CD”? If the answer is yes, the below-mentioned information will help you in clearing all of your doubts regarding “how to factory reset a Windows 7 computer”?

    Steps to consider resetting the computer to factory reset Windows 7:

    1. Press the “Start” key and then go to the “Control panel”. Further, choose “System and security”. system and security
    2. Further, select the “Backup and restore”. backup and restore
    3. When you click on the previous option, the link saying “recovery system settings or your computer” will reflect on the screen. Click on it. recover system settings
    4. Further, select the “Advanced recovery methods”. advanced recovery methods
    5. Now, select “Return your Computer to Factory Condition”. Select the “second” option.
    6. Select the option of “Back up now” or “Skip”. backup or skip
    7. Choose the “Restart” option for rebooting your computer. This is how to reset computer Windows 7 using this method. backup or skip

    Whether you want to factory reset Dell laptop Windows 7 or any other device with Windows 7, you can follow all the above-mentioned steps.


    In the end, with the help of the above-mentioned information, you will get an idea about how to reset computer password Windows 7”. Additionally, you also got knowledge about steps to reset the computer windows with or without CD. Resetting Windows 7 does not take too much time. So, what you need to do is follow all the above-mentioned steps accurately. We hope you can now reset your Windows 7 with ease. Use UnlockGo – Windows Password Recovery if everything else seems to be complicated.

    Secure Download
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