Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (Chntpw) Tutorial in 2023


    Forgetting passwords is completely natural and let’s admit it, we all know how it feels to forget a password, right? It really makes you think about all your important project files, beautiful photos, and tons of personalizations that you did to make your computer function just the way you want. And the thought of not being able to access them haunts you.

    Well, you shouldn’t worry about forgetting a password since we’ve got you an effective solution with an Offline NT password & registry editor. The tool is called chntpw, a free Windows password recovery tool, and it works perfectly on all Windows versions. If you’re wondering whether chntpw Windows 10 friendly or not, then you’re at the right place.

    So, let’s start with the first portion.

    How to Use Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (Really Complicated)

    Getting your hands on NT password edit tool is quite easy and you can use the software by following our guide. Here is how you can use the NTpassword reset tool to get access to your files on windows 11/10/8/7.

    Download and Install NTpassword from the official website

    In order to download the Offline NT Password, visit its official website and click on the option that says CD/USB boot disk. Since your computer will be locked, you need to follow these steps on another computer.

    reset bootdisk

    Scroll down to the Download section and you’ll see two options. You can select either the file to download the bootable CD image or click on the file for making a bootable \usb disk.

    offline nt

    Insert Bootable Media In Locked Computer

    Insert the bootable media device that you just created into the locked computer and start it. Press the button recommended by your computer’s manufacturer to enter into the BIOS. Select the CD-ROM Drive option and hit F10 to Save and Exit, this will make the Windows reboot using a bootable USB drive.

    bios setup utility

    Press 1 to make the Windows partitions selection.

    windows partition selection

    It will ask you to register a path to your registry. Keep it default and hit Enter.

    register a path

    Hit Enter again to select the Password reset option to continue with the password reset action.

    select password reset option

    It will now ask you several options to select. Choose the one that you need. For instance, if you’re interested in editing a user’s password, press 1 and hit Enter.

    press 1 and hit enter

    The software will now ask you to register a new username. You have to manually type it and hit Enter when you’re done.

    type new username

    If you want to set up a password for your account, you can set it up at this stage. Otherwise, hit Enter and continue with the process. You can set a password anytime you want.

    user edit name

    You’re almost done with the process of using the Offline NT password tool. Confirm your choices by typing ! (exclamation mark) and type Y to save the changes.

    save the changes

    Detach the bootable USB drive from your computer and restart your computer. You’re good to go!

    What are the Pros and Cons of Offline NT Password & Registry Editor?

    Before actually using the software, we’d recommend you have a look at its pros and cons to get a better understanding of its functionalities and downsides.

    Pros Cons
    Supports all Windows versions including 11, 10, and all the earlier ones No GUI, you need to enter commands in BIOS
    Doesn’t require a password to function No support against partitions encrypted with NTFS
    Asks for disabling or unlocking a user’s account Need to make a USB bootable
    Helps reset all the passwords Not easy to use
    Simple steps to make the process work Need a separate computer to make the USB drive bootable
    It’s free to use Might be a lengthy process for many users

    Apart from its cons, the offline NT password & registry editor windows 10 works perfectly fine and does the job quite effectively. It removes your passwords and lets you access your files. There’s no GUI, so that’s a big downside for this chntpw windows 10 software.

    Is There Any Alternative to Chntpw? (Quite Simple)

    As compared to NTpassword recovery tool, yes, there’s powerful software with an incredible Graphic User Interface. It’s extremely easy to understand and operate; UnlockGo – Windows Password Recovery. Here’re some of its features:

    Removes or Reset all Windows passwords Works for all windows system
    Easy steps to follow It’s just a 3-step process that anyone can do
    Requires NO prior knowledge User interface is super sensitive
    Proves one-click operation Make bootable USB with just a one-click

    Following are the steps to operate UnlockGo – Windows Password Recovery. It’s a 3-step process.

    Step 1. Download and Install the Package

    Secure Download

    Download and install the UnlockGo – Windows Password Recovery on an accessible computer. And insert a bootable USB/CD/DVD into it as windows password reset disk.

    burn usb

    Step 2. Burn Reset Disk and Enter BIOS Menu

    After burning the reset disk, you can follow on-screen instructions to enter bios menu, using arrow key to select boot tab and boot device priority to set the bootable disk, last press F10 to save and exit.

    burn successfully

    Step 3. Reset/Remove Windows Password as per Requirement

    Once your computer reboots, you’ll see the UnlockGo interface. Choose your Windows version. And Select Reset Account Password and click Next. And you can set a new password on it or just remove it.

    reset windows password

    Resetting your Windows password was quite trickier with Offline NT Password Editor, but with UnlockGo – Windows Password Recovery, things have become much more easier and convenient.

    Hot FAQs About Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (Chntpw)

    Is it Safe and Free to Use?

    Yes, it’s completely safe and free to use the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor program. All you’ve to do is to follow our to-the-point guidelines.

    Can I Reset/Remove Domain Account Password Using it?

    No, it can’t reset or remove a domain account password.

    Final Thoughts

    Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is, no doubt, a purposeful and very handy tool when it comes to resetting forgotten Windows passwords. It’s all about securing your important data on the computer and this Offline NT Password works perfectly fine.

    But the only problem with it is that it doesn’t come up with a good UI. Well, everything has an alternative, and an alternative to Offline NT Password editor is an elegant tool called UnlockGo (Windows). We discussed how you can reset your password using both software tools.

    Secure Download
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