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She is a game enthusiast and has been engaged in the software industry for 10 years, providing professional content for many software companies. Good at software evaluation for iPhone, Mac and other fields.
[Workable] Pokemon Go Walking Hacks and Cheats 2020

Pokémon Go is one of the well-known games based on the location. Many people use to walk to different locations to catch Pokémon. Now you can move to different locations staying at home faking the location on Pokémon Go. But it needs to be done carefully since Niantic can ban your account if noticed. However, … read more

Amanda Chall


Pokémon Go Rare Candy Hack and Cheat (2022)

In Pokémon GO, candy is mainly used to complete the upgrade and advancement of the elves. The way to get candy is very simple, and in this guide, you will find all Pokémon go candy hack tricks and cheats. 8 ways to Get Pokémon Go Candy There are many ways to get Rare Candy easily. … read more

Amanda Chall


Pokémon Go Hack with Joystick on Android and iOS

Pokémon Go is one of the popular mobile games that encourages gamers to travel worldwide to play the game. Many users now look for possible alternatives to play virtually staying at home. Since the game is directly connected to the location, many players use GPS spoofing with a virtual joystick to play while staying at … read more

Amanda Chall


Pokémon Go Egg Hatching Hacks and Cheat (2022)

Playing Pokémon Go requires you to capture Pokémon, raid bosses, participate in battles and take as much time and effort as possible. There is already a trick to hatch eggs without leaving home, and you can use it today in Pokémon Go. Some of the Pokémon Go egg hatch cheats and hacks are clearly against … read more

Amanda Chall