Pokémon Go Hack with Joystick on Android and iOS


    Pokémon Go is one of the popular mobile games that encourages gamers to travel worldwide to play the game. Many users now look for possible alternatives to play virtually staying at home. Since the game is directly connected to the location, many players use GPS spoofing with a virtual joystick to play while staying at home. In this article, we’ll discuss how to hack and play Pokémon Go with a virtual joystick on Android and iOS devices.

    Pokémon Go Hack with Joystick on Android (No Root)

    Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

    URL: Cick here

    Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer is one of the apps that you can use to falsify your location and make other people believe that you are in a different location even though you play the game staying at home. You can search the map for any location you want and press “Play” to locate you to the fake location. You will get a notification on your mobile every time you change the location.

    Key features

    • It shows you a map of the world where you must select the location you want to fake
    • You can use it with WhatsApp and send your location to your friends
    • This app is completely free
    • Works on most of the major Android versions
    Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

    How-to steps

    Step 01: Download and Install Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

    Go to playstore and search for Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer. Then download and install it on your device.

    Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

    Step 02:  Access Developer Mode

    Once you install the app, go to the Settings option on your device. Then, select About Phone and tap 7 times on the build number to enable developer mode.

    Access Developer Mode

    Step 03: Open the app and configure settings

    After you enable the GPS o the device, open the app and move the pointer to the location you want. Go to app settings, then enable Non-Root mode and enable Joystick option.

    configure settings

    Step 04: Set the location

    Now move the red icon of your location to the desired location and press the Play button to start locating to a fake location.

    Set the location

    Step 05: Open the Pokémon Go

    Finally, open Pokémon Go, and you’ll find that you have located to the fake location.  To change location while playing, switch back to the Fake GPS app and change it.

    Pokémon Go

    Pokémon Go Hack with Joystick on iOS Devices (No Jailbreak)

    Have you ever thought that the location of your iOS device can be changed without jailbreaking? It’s where iToolab AnyGo is useful. Regardless of your current location, AnyGo is a perfect solution for the Pokémon Go joystick hack iOS devices. Using AnyGo, you can stimulate the GPS location on your iOS device with a single click, and it is the best for location-based AR gaming. Hence, the movement is customizable. You can set your speed, location, route, etc., as your wish.

    Key features

    • Use joystick mode to fake outdoor walking in the game
    • Move automatically or manually with joystick/keyboard
    • Teleport to any coordinate without jailbreak
    • Import GPX route files to quickly reach Pokémon Go hot map locations
    • The app is easy to use and no expert knowledge required

    How-to steps

    Step 01: Download and Install iToolab AnyGo

    First, you need to download the iToolab AnyGo software to your device and install it.

    Step 02: Connect iPhone to the computer

    Now connect your iPhone to the computer that you installed the AnyGo software. Then click on the “Start” button in the AnyGo main window.

    Connect iPhone

    Step 03: Check the current location

    AnyGo now shows the current location on the map. For any reason, if the location is not exact, click on the Center On icon in the top right corner.

    Check the  current location

    Step 04: Search the fake location

    Before teleport, you need to select a fake location on the map. For that, type the location in the search bar and select it from the suggested list. Then click the Search button to locate.

    Search the fake  location

    Step 05: Teleport to the location

    Next, click on the Go button to teleport you to the new location on the map.

    Teleport to the  location

    Step 06: Use Joystick mode to move on map

    There is a “joystick” control panel in the lower left corner of the program interface, and you can click the joystick to control the movement of the position. Or use the “Up, Down, Left, Right” with your keyboard.

    Use Joystick mode to move on map


    Q: The game always prompts the error “Failed to Detect Location.”

    A: There are many reasons for this type of error. Here are some solutions may helpful:

    • The network connection speed is too slow; please ensure a good network connection
    • Since Fake GPS is achieved through GPS Spoofing, please update Google Maps and other Google applications
    • Pokémon Go has made some anti-blocking mechanisms using virtual GPS; please wait for the app to update and fix
    • Try to restart Pokémon Go.

    Q: The position I simulated is wrong, and always beating.

    A: It may be that the GPS spoofer app you are using is unstable. It is recommended to restart the game or use other alternative apps.

    Q: There is no pokestops or can’t get things from the pokestops.

    A: It seems that Pokémon Go will check whether the virtual GPS is used at the moment. As long as it is turned on, the location cannot be detected correctly. There is no solution for the time being.

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