[Workable] Pokemon Go Walking Hacks and Cheats 2020


    Pokémon Go is one of the well-known games based on the location. Many people use to walk to different locations to catch Pokémon. Now you can move to different locations staying at home faking the location on Pokémon Go. But it needs to be done carefully since Niantic can ban your account if noticed. However, as long as you follow the correct steps, the Pokémon Go walking hack won’t raise any concerns.

    Play with Pokémon Go Walking Hack App

    For iOS Players

    Do you search for software to change your location of the iOS device without jailbreaking? iToolab AnyGo is the best application that you can use to stimulate fake locations without jailbreaking the iOS device. With iToolab AnyGo, you can change the GPS location of your iPhone or iPad with one click. It best suits location-based games and apps. The best thing is your real identity, and the location is hidden from other people. Further, if you want to share the fake location on social media, the application provides the facility. It’s compatible with the latest versions of iOS.

    Key Features
    • Change the location of the device to any location with a single click
    • Simulate the movement of your customized path
    • Possibility to switch to Joystick mode for better control
    • Import GPX file for further usage
    • AnyGo can be used with any location-based games or apps

    Now you can download the latest version of iToolab AnyGo from the below links.

    How-to steps

    Step 01: Get the AnyGo application

    First, download and install the application on your PC. Then double click on the icon and launch the software.

    Step 02: Connect the iPhone to the PC

    Once the software is installed on your computer, plug in your iPhone using the USB to lightning cable. Click on the Start button in the window.

    Connect iPhone

    Step 03:  Set the current location

    Now you should be able to see your current location on the map. If the location is inaccurate, click on the Center On icon in the top right corner and get the location.

    current location

    Step 04: Search the fake location

    After that, click on the Teleport icon and type the location that you want to teleport in the search bar.  Next, click the Search button.

    Search Location

    Step 05: Teleport to the location

    At last, click on the Go button in the card to locate the fake location. You will be redirected to the new virtual location on the map.

    Teleport to the location

    For Android Players

    Now, if, on the contrary, you are from Team Android, you also have different options to be able to hack the GPS and play Pokémon Go. Users can find many Pokémon Cheat Apps in the Android App Store. For example, fly GPS, GPS Joystick, Fake GPS location, GPS Emulator and so on. The reality is that the Play Store is not full of good Pokémon apps, but we have still found several that you should try.

    Here we have selected the best Pokémon cheat apps for Android, which will surely become essential tools for you if you want to improve your games or manage your physical or digital collection of Pokémon.

    Use Incense to bring Pokémon to your location

    Pokémon Go includes a decoy and incense module to attract rare and nearby Pokémon’s to your location. The incense will be available from the beginning, and you can use it to attract all the Pokémon’s, but there is a correct trick to use it.


    How to use incense the right way

    Incense can only be used for 30 minutes. To use the incense, you need to click on the menu and then select the items’ incense. Please tap on the floating icon to activate it, and the 30-minute timer will start. This is how you will use Incense and get more Pokémon’s.
    Decoy Modules also attract nearby Pokémon’s to your location, and everyone nearby can benefit, but there is a limitation on the Module. You can only use them on Pokéstops, and once you are out of range, no Rare Pokémon will disappear near you (from the Module). Frankincense, on the other hand, has more benefits if you know how to use it correctly. In the decoy modules, the purple petals fall from the Pokéstop, while in the incense, a swirl of purple gas represents the scent to attract the Pokémon’s.
    So the trick here is to keep moving to the other Spawn locations and catch them all. Incense spawns 1 Pokémon every 5 minutes if you are standing up, but if you keep moving for 30 minutes, nearby Pokémon will also spawn for every 200 meters you cover.

    Use Lures to lure Pokémon to your location

    Pokémon Go lures can be placed on Pokéstops to increase spawn rates and everyone who plays benefits when you use them. Additionally, the addition of special glacial, magnetic, and moss-covered lures in May 2019 allowed players to gain specific information on what kind of Pokémon they wanted to attract.


    The different lures attract different types of Pokémon:

    • Glacial lures attract Water and Ice-type Pokémon
    • Magnetic lures attract electric, steel and rock Pokémon
    • Moss-covered lures attract Pokémon Bug, Grass, and Poison
    • Basic lures attract Pokémon of all kinds
    • All lures increase spawn rates. Combine it with a lucky egg to gain a lot of experience!
    • All lures last 30 minutes (duration is sometimes extended during promotional events)
    • Active lures benefit all players

    To use a decoy on a Pokéstop, follow the below steps:

    Walk near the Pokéstop you want to use and tap on it.
    Between the name of the stop and the photo disc that represents it, look for a blank space with rounded edges. Tap this and select your lure.
    The premium nature of these lures means that they are rarely seen in the wild; however, keep an eye out for the “confetti” tale around a Pokéstop using a decoy, and you can reap the benefits for free:

    • Active glacial lures will have snowflake shapes falling around them.
    • Small gray rectangles surround active magnetic lures
    • A shower of green leaves symbolizes active Mossy lures

    The Final Verdict

    In this way, the only requirements were to walk around the house a certain distance and activate incenses that attracted the Pokémon to capture them without hardly moving from the sofa. iToolab AnyGo provides the capability to change your location easily without been detected from Pokémon Go. By Pokémon Go walking cheat, you no longer need to be worried about what’s happening around you. You worry about achieving the rewards by just staying at home.

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