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Tips to help you recover excel open password and remove excel restriction password.

How to Break the VBA Project Password in Excel in 2024

I’ve been locked from editing my excel file what’s important to me, it asks for VBA password, but I don’t know what is it, can anybody help me? Is there any VBA password breaker? We were all confused by the VBA password that we’ve forgotten in certain circumstances. But as the science and technology rapidly … read more

April Ashley


Straxx Excel Password Remover Free & Pro Versions Review

Forgetting your Excel password at the office can be both frustrating and a waste of time. But the right software can save your day. Straxx excel password remover is used to remove the password protection from Excel that is applied by “Protect sheet” or “Protect workbook” commands of the software. It has free versions for … read more

Liam Alexander


How to Use VBA Code to Crack Excel Workbook Password

Regular MS Office Excel user may know vba code can unprotect excel worksheet and workbook password, so for new users and regular users, this article tells how to use VBA code to crack excel workbook password when forgot it and when it failed, what’s the best solution? VBA macro is useful for excel deep user, … read more

Liam Alexander


2024 Crack Password Protected Excel File without Data Loss

Our security is in our hands. If we are not paying attention to it, unfortunately, anyone can have access to our personal details. If you have created excel workbooks or worksheets and want to protect them, undoubtedly, you will put the password to them. But major problems happen when we forget it. Probably you have … read more

Liam Alexander


2 Steps to Unprotect Excel Workbook and Sheet without Password

Excel spreadsheets contain workbook and worksheet, they all can be password-protected from editing,viewing, copying and changing structure. But people tend to forget the password ’cause so many passwords need to be remembered. This article have collected the solutions for you guysin unprotecting an excel workbook. So, let’s dive in! How to Unprotect Excel Workbook without … read more

Liam Alexander