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Windows Password

All solutions about resetting Windows password on Windows 11/10/8/7, etc.

How to Create A Windows 7 Password Reset USB

Not all of us are vigilant enough to create Windows 7 password reset USB in the very first place. Even if you are, things just can’t always go beyond the scope of your imagination. What’s worse? Some of us might have forgotten to create Windows 7 password reset USB device in the first place. This … read more

April Ashley


How to Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop Windows 11/10/8/7

Wondering how to factory reset Lenovo laptop? It’s simple! This blog includes some of the most effective methods to factory reset Lenovo laptop. When it comes to buying affordable gaming or workstation laptops, Lenovo is the first brand that pops into mind. Although there are many other brands that offer affordable laptops too, when it comes … read more

April Ashley


Bypass Admin Password without Software/Password on Windows 11/10

Microsoft is always focused on adding new security features, but sometimes these features cause trouble for users in unfortunate situations. Forgetting the Windows admin password is a similar situation where you might have to take some immediate steps to gain access to your system. This guide is going to discuss the most trusted methods on … read more

April Ashley


How to Get into Laptop without Password on Windows 11/10/8/7

“I forgot my Windows 11 password; how to log in without a password?” “I don’t remember my pin; can I enter a Dell laptop without a pin?” You will find Windows users asking these questions regarding Windows passwords on different platforms. There are certain ways and tools that can help you to get into the … read more

April Ashley


2024 Newest: How to Change Your Password on Windows 11

Windows 11 as the newest released windows system, has received countless compliments and disparagements. Praise his interface for being clear and uncluttered, and belittle him for having to log in with a Microsoft account. If you’re using Windows 11 and setup with Microsoft account, then password can be easily changed with email and text code, … read more

April Ashley


How to Unlock HP Laptop When Locked Out Accidently

Locked out of my Windows 10 HP Laptop — From Microsoft Community Many users have reported that they got locked out of HP laptop without any obvious reasons. HP laptops are quite popular for their reliable hardware and software compatibility but there are some reasons due to which you might get into a situation where … read more

April Ashley


Remove All Account from Windows 11/10 (User/Admin/Domain/Email)

Whether you have a user, admin, or domain account logged in to your Windows 10, there will be some time when you need to remove these accounts. There are different procedures to remove different types of accounts, so you can follow the given methods for easier removal of accounts. Option 1: Remove Work/School/Email Account from … read more

April Ashley