The In-Depth Guide on How Does Life360 Work


    In this article, we will take a look at the popular parental control app Life360.

    This is an app that allows parents to track their children’s location or for friends to track each other’s location. As you probably know, it has numerous benefits, but most people are still unclear on how to use it. Let’s start from the beginning.

    How Does Life360 Know Where Locations Are

    What Is Life360?

    Life360 is a family communication app that allows users to track each other’s location. To use it, you need to install it on all the devices you intend to track. Once it is set up, you can then select Geo-fences that define specific areas.

    These geofences are then used to keep track of and alert users when friends and family members leave or arrive at a specified location. The app can, for example, let you know when your child has left school and when they arrive home.

    Life360 also offers driving analysis and it can be integrated into cars with BMW already including it as part of their navigation systems. Apart from monitoring the location of the driver, the app can also on crashes and emergency response. This app was first released on the Google Play Store in 2008 and has over 40 million subscribers currently.

    How Does Life360 Work?

    To use Life360 to track each other’s location, the app must be installed on all devices in the “circle.” The app will then follow the GPS location of all the devices in the “circle” in real-time. This means that anyone in the “circle” will be able to see your actual location at all times, whether Life360 is open on the device or not.

    You will see the real-time location of the devices in the “circle” on a private map and you can choose to opt-out of the automated alerts showing that the other person had arrived at their destination. Otherwise, the app will notify you when the person arrives and leaves from a specified location based on the Geo-fences you set up when creating the app. The app may also be able to let you know how fast someone is driving and how long it took them to get home. Tapping on a family member’s avatar allows you to send then directions.

    Life360 knows where certain locations are in much the same way that Google Maps knows locations. You can also provide the location on any device and Life360 will provide the directions to this place for your current location. Each location can also be designated. For example, you can mark your current location as “Home” so that when other devices arrive at this location, you will be notified that they have arrived “Home.”

    How to Spoof Life360 Location Easily without Anyone Knowing?

    Life360 is an enormously helpful app and you may have started using it to ensure that everyone in your circle remains safe. But sometimes being tracked all the time can be problematic.

    Perhaps you just want to spend time alone and you don’t want the other members of the circle to know where you are, but you don’t want to turn off your phone. In this case, spoofing the location on your device is the best way to go. iToolab AnyGo is a program that is designed to help you do just that very easily and quickly.

    anygo logo
    iToolab AnyGo
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    • Change GPS location on iPhone/iPad in clicks (No Jailbreak).
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    The steps to spoof to any location locations by using AnyGo are as follows:

    Step 1 Download and install AnyGo then click on the Start button and proceed to the next step.

    How Does Life360 Work AnyGo main window

    Step 2 Click on Teleport, and select the location you would like to spoof on Life360. Lastly, click on the Search tab.

    How Does Life360 Work select the new location

    Step 3 Once you can see the entered location on the interface, click Go and teleport the new place instantly.

    How Does Life360 Work teleport to the new location

    Please note that you can use AnyGo to change the location on your device as many times as you need to and it works every time.

    Video Tutorial

    Hot FAQs about How Does Life360 Work

    Q1: Is Life360 Always Accurate?

    Life360 is accurate to some extent although you may find that it is not entirely accurate all the time. You will find that it will accurately track the location when you have it open than when it is closed and running in the background. There are also certain instances when the app will not keep the location of some members of the “circle” up to date.

    But most of the time the app is accurate enough to ping just before someone walks into the door. You can also follow the person’s avatar as they move around on the map pretty accurately and in real-time.

    Q2: What About Life360 Driving?

    Life360 can be used to track a car and the person/people in the car. It will also track the speed, the location of the car, how long the person/people spent in the car, and whether or not they were on the phone while driving.

    It will also provide timely and accurate alerts of upcoming traffic, rapid acceleration, and hard braking. You will also be able to see when the person driving is in any form of danger such as when they are involved in a car crash, allowing you to send help.

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    Life 360 has location-sharing abilities that allow other people to monitor every aspect of your whereabouts, which includes everything from real-time location data to walking speed. This may seem like an invasion of privacy. iToolab AnyGo allows you to spoof your location easily without anyone knowing. It’s really safe and easy to try. Download it and enjoy a free trial.

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