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How to Sign Out of iCloud without Password

This guide will share with you what to do when you want to sign out of iCloud but you don’t have the password. As useful as iCloud can be, it may be necessary to sign out of iCloud for a variety of reasons and the following solutions show you how to do that easily and … read more

Dave Patterson

October 22, 2020

iPhone 6 Won’t Charge or Turn On? How to Fix

In this guide, we provide you with some of the best solutions you can try when your iPhone 6 won’t charge properly or turn on. When your device is not charging and won’t turn on, you will not be able to use the device. The following solutions will help you fix this problem and get … read more

Dave Patterson

October 21, 2020

Step-By-Step Tutorial to Fix iPhone Screen Stays On

In this article, we offer solutions for when your iPhone screen stays on even when you don’t want it to. This can be problematic especially because it can drain the battery too quickly. The solutions we outline below can be very helpful in solving this issue regardless of why it happening. Let’s get started. 1. … read more

Dave Patterson

October 20, 2020

What Does iPhone Restore Mean? (A Definitive Guide)

In this guide, we are going to be looking at exactly what an iPhone restore means. With so many terms that can point towards one or more functions of your iPhone, it is important to understand what they mean so you can use them appropriately. Let’s get started. What Does Restore iPhone Mean? When you … read more

Dave Patterson

October 19, 2020

9 Handy Tips to Fix iPhone Apps Keep Crashing

When your iPhone Apps keep crashing, it can be quite difficult to even access the apps and features on the device, making it very difficult to use the device. While there are a lot of reasons why your iPhone apps keep crashing, the problem can be easily fixed with some of the solutions we will … read more

Dave Patterson

October 16, 2020

How Long Does It Take to Restore from iCloud

A lot of iPhone users have complained that the iCloud restore process never completes. It may be necessary to know how long does it take to restore from iCloud if you think that the restore is taking too long. In this article, we will take a look at how long the restoration process should take. … read more

Dave Patterson

October 13, 2020