Can you really get Tinder Gold for free? Here is the Answer

Amanda Chall

    Trying to have Tinder Gold for free is not an easy task now. On one occasion, the app had a system error in which many people took advantage of it to see the photos of those who gave them “Like,” which is one of the Tinder Gold benefits. Some websites and articles show different ways to get Tinder Gold for free. But is this method working? In today’s article, let’s find out whether these methods are working.

    What’s Tinder Gold?

    Tinder Gold is a membership that Tinder offers within its monthly paid subscriptions. There is also a membership like Tinder Plus, which gives you fewer benefits with the advantage of being cheaper. Each member’s membership offers you additional functions that will make you enjoy much more freedom than other users have. Officially to have Tinder Gold, you must locate the golden star you will find in the upper area of the main window. In addition to taking you to the membership section, that star tells you how many people have “liked” your profile, an opportunity to be able to match with them.

    Tinder Gold

    Benefits of Tinder Gold

    • Give unlimited likes: Meet the people who liked your profile. By acquiring Tinder Gold, it will be possible to see the list of people who like you, an easier way to match.
    • Passport for travelers: If you are a person who travels frequently, you will surely be interested in matching with people who are not in your country. So when you travel to that country, you can have an appointment.
    • You will have five super likes available daily.
    • Increase your exposure: Once a month, you can activate the boost of your profile; this will make your profile the most viewed in your area.
    • Get access to the best of the best: You have access to the top picks, which is the area of the most prominent people. 
    • Zero ads.

    Don’t have Tinder Gold? It’s okay, I mentioned how to change the location on Tinder without passport.

    Use a Tinder Gold Promo Code

    Where to get Tinder Gold Free Code

    The Internet is a lucrative place with misleading advertisements and scams on websites. Therefore, you will find many articles that will indicate giving free Tinder Gold promo codes for free. It can be said that finding a valid Tinder promo code is very difficult. Many coupon websites offer discounts of 50%-70%, but they do not exist at all. You spend a lot of time looking for it, just a waste of time. These types of coupons will not work.

    How to use Tinder Gold Coupon

    If you are a new Tinder user, you can enter the promo code following the below steps.

    • Step 1: Open your browser and visit and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    • Step 2: On the footer, you can find the heading Community. Under that, tap on the Promo Code.
    • Step 3: Enter or paste the promo code you have and then hit Submit.
    • Step 4: To sign up, you can use your phone number or your Facebook credentials. Create an account using one of the mentioned methods.
    • Step 5: If required, you can enter the payment details and continue.
    Tinder Gold Promo Code

    Do Tinder Gold Online Generators Work?

    Many sites recommend using the Tinder Gold generation tool, but in fact, it does not work. For example, These similar Tinder ID generators will ask you to provide your Tinder username or email address and the device you are using. Then let you choose Tinder Membership type and Membership Duration. This is how the scam started. It seems to connect your account, and when you want to activate Membership, it requires you to complete two offers to pass “Human Verification.” This is the beginning of the deception, and then it will jump to the advertisement, but it always fails to verify the offer status. Ultimately, you may lose your Tinder account as well since you expose your credentials. Please don’t fall into their trap; this is a scam, and you won’t get anything.

    Tinder Gold Online Generators

    Can I Try Tinder Gold for free?

    The free trial period is also useful for people unsure whether they want a Tinder Gold subscription. Despite having some pretty impressive features, Tinder gold is not a necessity for many people.

    • Step 1: Download and install the Tinder app. Then sign up for a new Tinder account.
    • Step 2: Now tap on Settings and tap Get Tinder Gold.
    • Step 3: Then select a plan and enter your payment details. You can enter your real information for payment details, or you can use a virtual credit card for this.

    The day before the trial period expires, be sure to cancel your subscription. In this way, you can enjoy the free trial period without paying a single penny. Once you have registered for Gold, Tinder will not provide a refund. If you use PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay to subscribe to the service, you can initiate a refund through these payment service providers, which may be the only way to refund.

    Although I have seen many people say that there is a trial period, but now I have not found a way to free try it. When I registered for Gold Tinder, I went directly to the payment and did not prompt that there was a free trial of Gold.

    Final Verdict

    Tinder Gold is a handy feature for people who frequently use Tinder to find a date. In case you run out of Tinder visits often, upgrading to Tinder Gold will help. The tips mentioned above will help you get the Tinder Gold app for free, and you can access the premium features without paying any subscription fees. But remember, you cannot use Tinder Gold for free indefinitely.

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