New! How to Downgrade from iOS 14.5 to iOS 14.4.2


    How to downgrade from 14.5 to 14.4………..urgent solution needed.

    After Apple released the latest iOS version a few hours ago, many iPhone users have given feedback about some problems with iOS 14.5. Here are some common issues:

    • Call blocking and identification section may not appear in settings.
    • OTA now showing
    • iOS 14.5 break old versions of apps
    • Unlock with Apple Watch iOS 14.5 not working
    • 14.5 Face ID with mask not working

    Note: If you have any new iOS 14.5 issues you can feedback them by entering the following in Safari URL:


    But more than that, there are also many unknown problems you can find in Apple community and other iOS forums. If you haven’t upgrade to iOS 14.5, well you are a lucky guy. What if you’ve updated to iOS 14.5? Realx! It’s also not a big deal. For all iOS 14.5 issues, you can easily solve them by downgrading iOS 14.5 to iOS 14.4 or previous versions. Follow the below mothods to get rid of the problems.

    How to Downgrade iOS 14.5 to iOS 14.4.2

    The important step to downgrade iOS version is that you have to put your device into recovery mode. There are many users are unable to enter recovery mode manually. Here, you can try to use iToolab FixGo to enter recovery mode in one-click for free. Please make sure you are following the steps one by one, or you may downgrade failed or break your device. Also, backup your iPhone with iTunes first! Downgrade will cause data loss.

    Downgrade iOS 14.5 by entering Recovery Mode (without losing data)

    Step 1: Download iOS 14.2.2 in and put your device into Recovery Mode

    Step 2: Connect your device to computer and launch iTunes, you will see a pop-up box. Click “Restore”, at the meantime hold down the Shift key on your Windows computer or Option Key on your Mac.

    how to downgrade ios 14.5 to ios 14.2.2

    Step 3: Next, you need to select the downloaded iOS 14.4.2 firmware on the computer, click “Open” and then “Restore”.

    The whole process will take at least a half hour. Once done, your device will reboot by itself. You need to set up your device just as you did when you first got it. And then, all the iOS i4.5 bugs go away.

    Still confused? Check the video guide below:

    Downgrade iOS 14.5 without entering Recovery Mode

    Step 1: Download iOS 14.4.2 firmware package in

    how to downgrade ios from 14.5 to ios 14.4.2

    Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable and open iTunes, and click the iPhone icon in the top left corner of iTunes.

    downgrade ios 14.5

    Step 3: Now, select Restore iPhone option. In the mean while, you have to hold down the Shift key on your Windows computer or Option Key on your Mac.

    how to downgrade ios 14.5

    Step 4: Last, select the iOS 14.4 firmware package you just downloaded and iTunes will auto extract the firmware and restore it into your iPhone.

    Note: the previous version such as iOS 14.4.1 is not supported anymore. You can only downgrade to iOS 14.4.2 now.

    How to Uninstall iOS 14.5 Beta

    If you didn’t update to the official iOS 14.5 version. Then it’s much easier to downgrade from iOS 14.5 Beta to iOS 14.4.2. Follow the steps to achieve that.

    • Go to Settings > General, and tap Profiles & Device Management.
    • Next, select the iOS Beta software profile.
    • Click Remove Profile and restart your device.

    That’s all the ways to downgrade from iOS 14.5 to iOS 14.4.2. Also, if you have any iDevice problems such as stuck on recovery mode, or stuck in Apple logo while updating iOS system you can use FixGo to solve these problems easily.

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