How to Turn off Find My iPhone When Phone is Broken


    When your iPhone is broken, you can’t easily turn off Find My iPhone using a password because chances are the touch screen can’t work.

    That’s where you need to employ other methods, particularly those that require you to disable the feature remotely.

    In this tutorial, we’ll explain the different techniques of turning off Find My iPhone on a broken phone. These methods include using a bypass tool, via the web using iCloud, and using the Find My iPhone app on another Apple device.

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    Why Turn off Find My iPhone?

    You might be wondering why someone would want to turn off the Find My iPhone feature on a broken phone?

    Well, the answer is simple: people want to turn the feature off because they are selling or giving the phone to another person. Neither you nor the iPhone’s new owner would want to keep tracking the device.

    Besides, if Find My iPhone is enabled, the device isn’t useful as the new owner can’t put their iCloud account on the device. Plus they will always fear that you might want to wipe it out remotely, any time.

    Even if you’re sending the device for repair, the technicians may want to load up their own iCloud account so they can diagnose the device. Thus, removing Find My iPhone is crucial.

    So, when you want to give a broken iPhone to someone, sell it, take it for repair, or give it for recycling, it’s always recommended that you turn off Find My iPhone. And these are the reasons you should do that:

    • You can’t restore the phone to its initial factory settings without turning off Find My iPhone.
    • When Find My iPhone is enabled, the activation lock is activated, which locks your phone. This means the buyer can’t use the device.
    • Anyone in possession of your Apple ID and password can use iCloud and track you with Find My iPhone.
    Find My iPhone But how do you achieve this when the device is broken?

    Stay with me.

    How to Turn off Find My iPhone on a Broken Device if the Touch Screen is Damaged

    If you accidentally dropped your iPhone or an object fell on it and now the touch screen can’t work normally, you can still disable Find My iPhone.

    You can achieve it in 3 possible ways:

    Method 1: Use UnlockGo to Turn off Find My iPhone with a Broken Screen without password

    The most recommended way to disable the iCloud lock from your device, regardless of the situation, is to use the UnlockGo.

    This application is easy to use and you can use it to turn off Find My iPhone on a broken screen without any troubles.

    Top Features on the UnlockGo

    • Easily turn off the Find My iPhone feature without being required to key in your Apple ID or password.
    • Quickly bypass the lock screen containing Find My iPhone activation lock without entering a password.
    • The software has an easy interface that makes it easy for anyone (even those aren’t tech savvy) to disable the Find My iPhone from a broken device.
    • Over 98% success rate of unlocking capability

    How to use UnlockGo to turn off Find My iPhone without password?

    Step 1. Download UnlockGo and Run it on Your Mac or PC.

    A screen with 4 modes will appear. To start, select the one labeled Turn Off FMI. 

    choose turn off fmi Step 2. Using a USB cable, connect the iOS device to a computer.

    disable Find My iPhone Step 3. The next step is to jailbreak your device. To see the steps, click on jailbreak tutorial. The steps may differ depending on your iPhone model.

    If you’re using iPhone 6-X, follow the onscreen instructions to jailbreak the device.

    For iPhone XR-11 Pro Max, go through the jailbreak tutorial to complete the process. download jailbreak tool on your computer

    Step 4. After completing the jailbreak process, UnlockGo will start disabling the Find My iPhone on your device. Next, follow the instructions to verify the FMI status. Tap Confirm to proceed. 

    confirm the status of FMI

    Step 5. UnlockGo will do away with your previous Apple ID quickly to ensure FMI is not disabled again. Next, you can reset the iPhone to get a brand new phone.

    start turning off FMI You won’t go through the trouble of turning off the Find My iPhone again. 

    Method 2: Turn off Find My iPhone on a Broken Device via

    The other approach for turning off Find My iPhone when your iPhone screen is broken is to use the web.

    To achieve this, simply use a computer to access your iCloud account. As you are accessing iCloud via the internet, you won’t need physical access to the device.

    Follow these steps to remove Find My iPhone from your device:

    Step 1. Visit

    Visit Step 2. If you have set two-factor authentication and have a second device where you can receive the code through text, enter it.

    But if you don’t have another device to receive the code, go to the end of the page and select “Find My iPhone”.

    Step 3. If you’re still logged in from a previous step, select the Find My iPhone option.

    select the Find My iPhone option Step 4. The page will start to search for your device. As your device is dead, nothing will be found. Once the search completes, click on “All Devices

    Step 5. Any devices on your list that are turned off, have a gray dot next to them. Tap on the small X close to the device you’d like to remove from the Find My iPhone.

    Step 6. Click Remove from Account.

    Remove from Account

    Method 3: Turn off Find My iPhone on a Broken Device Using the App

    If you are using another Apple device, such an iPad or even Mac, you can use the device’s Find My iPhone app to turn off the same feature on the other device.

    Let’s say, you have an iPhone with a broken screen and a functioning iPad, for example.

    1. Go to your iPad and open the Find My iPhone app on it then sign in.

    2. On the screen’s left-hand side, you’ll see all of your devices listed. Like on iCloud, offline devices have a gray dot next to them.

    3. After spotting the device you’d like to disable, swipe it to the left and tap Remove when this option shows up.

    4. A confirmation message will appear, prompting you to remove the device. Click on Remove.

    Find My iPhone app

    Wrap up

    Find My iPhone is a fantastic feature when you own a functioning iPhone. But when the phone is broken and the touch screen won’t work anymore, you may want to take the phone for repair or give it to someone as a gift.

    Before the phone changes ownership, you should turn off Find My iPhone. Use any of the above techniques to disable this feature remotely. The new device owner will have an easy time using the phone.

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