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Does WhatsApp Notify When You Screenshot a Story? Answered Here!


    Communicating with your loved ones has become easier than ever in this era. With new technology, staying in touch with your family and friends who live far away from you has become easy. With hundreds of messaging apps available online, WhatsApp is the most used App around the globe that gives you the best options to connect with your loved ones. Without any doubt, WhatsApp is the best option for texting and calling friends. It includes many interesting features and offers different ways of connecting people.

    However, you don’t take screenshots of Chat, Status, Profile Picture because of fear of getting caught? If yes, then you are not alone. In this guide we will discuss about does WhatsApp notify when you screenshot. Read this guide till the end to find answers.

    Does WhatsApp Notify When You Screenshot a Story/Conversation/Video Call/Profile Picture

    WhatsApp users always have this common question about taking screenshots. Many users don’t know about WhatsApp’s screenshot notification policies. If you are one of them, we have mentioned different aspects of WhatsApp’s screenshot notification policies below.

    Story (Status):

    Does WhatsApp notify when you screenshot a story? The answer to this question is no. WhatsApp doesn’t notify the user that you have taken a screenshot of their story. On WhatsApp, you can easily take screenshots of someone’s story or status without knowing them. There are many apps available online that claim to make your screenshots private or notify you about them are scam.


    Does WhatsApp notify when you screenshot a conversation? No, WhatsApp doesn’t notify the users about the screenshot. You can easily screenshot the conversation or even record your phone screen. An app that claims to make your chat private and notify you when anyone takes a screenshot of your private chat is lying. There is no app or program available online that will notify you when someone takes a screenshot of your WhatsApp conversation.

    Video Call:

    WhatsApp is a program that allows you to call or video call your friends and family for free. With the video call feature, users can easily chat with their friends. But the main question arises in everyone’s mind while video calling: does WhatsApp notify you when you screenshot a video call? The answer is no; if you are taking screenshots while video calling, then WhatsApp will not notify anyone. You can also start screen recording during video calls without knowing them. However, recording someone’s video without permission is illegal in some states. We suggest you take the user’s permission before taking a screenshot or screen recording.

    Profile Picture:

    While setting up a WhatsApp account, this program asks you to add a profile picture to your account. With the help of profile pictures, users can confirm that they are talking to the right person. So, does whatsapp notify when you screenshot a profile picture? The answer is No, WhatsApp won’t send any notification. However, anyone can take a screenshot of your profile picture without your permission. Fortunately, WhatsApp offers a privacy feature, which allows you to hide your profile picture or control who can see your profile picture on WhatsApp.

    Here is how to do it.

    • Open the WhatsApp App on your device.
    • Tap on the Settings and Go to Privacy.
    • Select Profile Picture.
    • Tap on My Contacts Except and choose the contacts you want to hide your profile picture.
    • Tap on Done to save the changes.
    • You can also select nobody to completely hide your profile picture.

    Can I Take Screenshot of WhatsApp View Once?

    You won’t be able to take screenshots of any view once you receive it on WhatsApp. View Once is a feature that enables you to send private media files on WhatsApp. You can’t forward, save, screenshot, star or share the media files that were sent with view once. Follow the steps to send media via view once.

    • Open any Chat on your WhatsApp and select the camera option.
    • Click Picture or record video using your device camera.
    • Once done, select the View Once option at the top and press the Send button.
    • Your media will be sent as a view once.

    The receiver needs to open the view once file within 14 days; otherwise, it’ll expire from the chat.

    How to Download WhatsApp Status Video/Photo Automatically?

    Want to download the WhatsApp status of your friends automatically without any limitation? Then don’t look further and download iToolab WAStatusGrab. With the help of this tool, users can easily download the WhatsApp status of your contacts without any time limitation. The best part of this app is that it’s free and requires no registration. It downloads the WhatsApp status automatically, which means there is no need to rush to view it within 24 hours.

    download whatsapp status video

    Further, it supports all WhatsApp apps such as WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Dual App, GB WhatsApp and more. This program supports all popular image formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG and more. WAStatusGrab is available on the Google Play Store; just download it and start downloading the WhatsApp status.


    In conclusion, WhatsApp doesn’t notify the other person when you take screenshots or screen record their story or chat. On WhatsApp, you can easily take screenshots without getting worried.

    However, taking screenshots of someone’s chats without their permission isn’t right; if you want to take a screenshot of someone’s chat, then we suggest getting their permission first. In addition, we have introduced a program named iToolab WAStatusGrab that enables you to download WhatsApp status automatically without time limitations. It downloads status in HD quality, and the best part of this program is that it’s free to use. This app is available on the Google Play Store as well.

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