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Your Security Code is Changed in WhatsApp Meaning? Truth Here


    In November, many users got the message “Your security code is changed in WhatsApp.” which was quite strange because it was the first time people saw this notification on WhatsApp. However, if you also get it regularly and don’t know what it means, we got you covered. In this article, we will guide you on what it means and how you change the security code on WhatsApp.

    Is Your Security Code is Changed in Whatsapp Meaning Hacked?

    Some people think the “Your security code is changed in WhatsApp” notification means that their WhatsApp account has been hacked, but that is not true. This notification doesn’t mean that your account is being hacked. Below we have explained everything about it and what it means.

    1. What is Security Code?

    Security code in WhatsApp is used to protect the messages which you exchange with other users. This code assures that your messages are end-to-end encrypted so no third party, including WhatsApp, can read your data. You can see this code in your contact info screen as a QR code or a 60-digit number. Remember that each individual has different security codes that make it more unique.

    2. Your Security Code is Changed in Whatsapp Meaning

    As mentioned above, many users in November received the message “Your security number has changed.” So, if you are also getting this message and want to know what it is, read the following details.

    • When you get this notification in your chat, it means that a user on your WhatsApp contact has reinstalled the WhatsApp application.
    • People often get this message when they or their WhatsApp contact changes the numbers.
    • And the last reason could be due to adding or removing.
    • Finally, you can get this notification when you or the other user try to add or remove paired devices. These are the three reasons you see the security code notification on your screen.

    3. Who Can Change the Security Code in WhatsApp?

    Only the users participating in a WhatsApp chat have the authority to change their security code. That means only you can change your security code, but remember that it is a crucial process and should be done wisely. If you don’t know how to change a security code, continue reading the article.

    How to Change WhatsApp Security Code in WhatsApp?

    If you plan to change your WhatsApp security code, check out the following methods. Remember that no specific option is available to change the security code, so it happens automatically. However, you can turn the security code option on and off from Settings. Let’s see how it works.

    1. Android:

    • Open your WhatsApp application.
    • Next, click three dots and press the “Settings” option.
    • Now, go to Account and look for the Security Notifications option.
    • From there, you can turn on/off the security notifications.

    2. iPhone:

    • Open your WhatsApp app on your iPhone, click Settings, and look for the Account option.
    • Next, go to Security; from there, you can enable or disable the Security notifications.

    3. Desktop/Website:

    • Open your WhatsApp app on your PC and click three dots on the top menu.
    • Next, choose the “Settings” option and click the “Security” button.
    • From there, you can turn off or on the Security notifications.

    This is how users can easily change the security code on their PC and mobile devices.

    Gift Tip: How to Decrypt WhatsApp Backup in a Secure Way?

    WhatsApp is very concerned about its privacy, so it is complicated to decrypt WhatsApp messages because of end-to-end encryption. However, if you still want to read your WhatsApp chats, then it is possible using third-party tools. In this section, we will guide you on how to decrypt WhatsApp backup securely.

    1. Tech Explanation: WhatsApp Backup End-to-End Encrypted Backup

    End-to-end encryption makes sure that only you and the person you are chatting with can read or listen to your messages. That means WhatsApp also doesn’t have the right to read messages between users. This feature lets you secure your data while backing up on Google Drive or iCloud. So, if you have created a backup via Google Drive or iCloud, it will be protected because of the end-to-end encrypted function.

    2. How to Download and Decrypt WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive?

    If you plan to download and decrypt WhatsApp backup, you can use iToolab WatsGo – WhatsApp Backup & Restore. With this app, users can easily restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone. It is a powerful tool and comes with numerous features, such as:

    • It is 100% legit & secure, and strictly protects your data.
    • Regularly update.
    • The tool doesn’t collect any information from the users.
    • Download Google Drive backup at a faster speed.
    Secure Download
    Secure Download

    Let’s see how you can use this tool to decrypt WhatsApp backup.

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    Step 1. Download the app on your PC and launch it. Once on the dashboard, click the “Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive” option.

    watsgo main interface

    Step 2. You will be asked to complete the login process, so enter your email and password. Once done, click the “Sign In” button.

    watsgo log into google drive

    Step 3. You will see different backup files on the screen, so download the required backup from the list.

    watsgo starts to download whatsapp backup

    Step 4. The app will ask you to verify your device, so complete the process, and soon your backup file will be downloaded.

    watsgo downloaded backup successfully

    Now you can see the details of your Google Drive backup. This is as easy as it gets!

    watsgo downloaded backup successfully

    Step 5. To restore it to your iPhone, click the “Restore to Device” option and connect your iPhone to the PC.

    watsgo select device to restore google drive backup

    Step 6. Choose the files which you want to transfer, and that’s it; your data will be restored to your iPhone within minutes.

    watsgo restored backup from google drive successfully

    Never Worry About It!

    Your security code is changed in WhatsApp message is not a threat, but it is a reminder that someone has reinstalled the app or changed their phone number. So you don’t have to worry about it. You will generally get this notification if you have turned it on your WhatsApp device.

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