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How to Bypass Samsung Abnormal Factory Reset Screen

“I forgot the password on Samsung Note 4 and did hard reset. After reboot, it resulted in my phone is locked. I was required to sign in SAMSUNG account. While entering the ID and password, the processing failed and I lost the access to my phone.” – From a Samsung User This device is locked … read more

Beth Nichols


PassFab Android Unlocker Review & Download FRP Tool

Are you an Android user who wants to remove the screen lock or find a competent tool that can help to bypass Google FRP lock? PassFab Android Unlocker would be a great tool to remove the screen lock. This article is an in-depth review of the tool, and we will introduce you to one of … read more

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iToolab UnlockGo (Android) In-depth Review – Official

iToolab UnlockGo for Android is a highly recommended software to remove the Android lock screen and Samsung FRP lock. As a user, you find different types of same utility software in the market. But what’s the specialty of UnlockGo (Android)? Is it reliable software to use? We bring you a complete review of the use … read more

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Top 9 FRP Bypass Tools – Support Android 12

Google has introduced a security feature “Factory reset protection FRP” to prevent your data from being tampered with in case your phone gets stolen. It works for all Android devices with Android version 5.1 and above. If you have purchased a refurbished phone, you might also encounter this scenario. In this article, we will list … read more

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What to Do If You Are Locked Out of Google Account?

In today’s tech world, Google Account have become the soul of the internet. Whatever application you use be it Gmail account, Google documents, Google Photos, Google Drive, YouTube etc. you need a Google account to log in. Now consider the scenario of getting locked out of Google Account and being unable to use almost all the important … read more

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How to Reset Android Phone When Locked?

If you encounter an instance where your phone is locked by accident, and you can’t access the data on it. The most annoying thing is that it is impossible to gain access to the device without a factory reset. This is highly frustrating because users aren’t sure how to proceed? If you are in a spot … read more

Beth Nichols


How to Reset ZTE Phone on Any Android Version?

Are you a user who is facing issues on ZTE phone? You might be facing issues like hanging the phone or working slow, or did you forget the password to screen unlock? One possible solution is a factory reset, especially to resolve software-based issues. But if you are wondering how to reset ZTE phone, here … read more

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Pangu FRP Bypass Tool – Review & Tips

If you try to reset your factory settings for your Android device, it asks you to enter an account number for your Google username and password. However, if you don’t know the login credentials, you’ll end up stuck in the FRP lock. Then, you are likely looking for a way to get around the screen. It … read more

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Guide for Xiaomi Bootloader Unlock without Waiting 168 Hours

If you’re planning to install a custom ROM on your phone and plan to root your Xiaomi device, then unlocking your Xiaomi devices Bootloader will be the first step to personalize the settings on your Xiaomi Redmi smartphones. Without unlocking, you are unable to boot or install Custom ROM. If you’re looking to do Xiaomi … read more

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