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Android Recovery

Articles are written for android users to recover android data. Regardless of how you lost your data, you can find the right solution.

2024 Everything about WhatsApp Call History Recovery

WhatsApp has a call feature where you can call people using its platform. The call feature keeps track of all the contacts you have called over WhatsApp. Sometimes, people have work-related vital calls, and the records are necessary for future purposes. But in many cases, one may lose it accidentally while deleting some other contacts. … read more

Liam Alexander


Everything You Should Know about Recuva for Android

Using Recuva for Android is one of the best ways to recover deleted data from Android devices. To recover deleted files from both internal and external disc drives, such as hard disc drives, USB flash drives, memory cards and any other storage device, the application is the best option available. Next, we will introduce this … read more

Liam Alexander


How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on Messenger Android

Messenger is often used for the transmission of both official and unofficial messages. Most people keep a record of messages as they’re important. If you’ve, unfortunately, deleted messages on Messenger, then this blog will help you get them back. We’ll be talking about official methods on how to retrieve deleted messages on messenger android. To … read more

Liam Alexander


Top 10 Deleted Video Recovery App for Android

Capturing life’s greatest moments in video and saving them to mobile phones allows people to revisit them later. Mostly, people take backup of all their data to use when needed. You may get depressed when you lose these videos. In this blog, we’ll be defining various official methods describing reliable solutions for video recovery. Here … read more

Liam Alexander


How to Recover Google Photos Deleted Photo

Photos are important as they revive the great memories of the past. You may get depressed when you accidentally delete them. Most people take backup of their important photos to retrieve when needed or to share them with their friends and family. There are several reasons why Google Photos delete your photos. It may include … read more

Liam Alexander


How to Retrieve Deleted Phone Numbers on Android

Contacts are an important asset of today’s life, and anyone can be contacted from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, contacts keep everyone connected. Communication disrupts when you lose your important them with your phone. This article is in line with your question, “Can you recover deleted contacts on Android?” The answer is “Yes”, it’s … read more

Liam Alexander


How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on Android

Finding deleted photos in Android is sometimes really easy, as Android has a recently deleted folder to store these deleted photos or videos for a specific time frame. If you delete a video or image synced with Google Photos or is already backed up in Google Drive, it’ll remain in the recycle bin for 60 … read more

Liam Alexander


How to Recover Deleted Files Android with/without Root

Recovering deleted files from your Android phone can be difficult for most people. Now, we’ve made that easy for those who always wonder to recover deleted files android. This guide will consist of acceptable methods to recover accidentally deleted files or deleted ones with your consent. Most people believe a particular tool can help them … read more

Liam Alexander


4 Workable Ways for Broken Android Data Extraction

Suppose you accidentally drop your Android device on the floor, and it gets cracked! Or your Android system crashed for an unknown reason. You probably will be worried about the data and documents available on the phone as you can’t view them due to the damaged phone. Well, there is no need to get too … read more

Liam Alexander