How to Bypass Verify PIN/Pattern After Factory Reset?


    How to Bypass verify PIN after factory reset without PC

    We see after the factory reset, your phone is still asking for passcode or pattern lock to access the device. Sometimes, various reasons arise to bypass verify PIN/pattern after factory reset. Forgetting the pattern password makes it worse as there is no way to unlock the Android device unless you bypass it.

    Is it possible to bypass the verified PIN? Fortunately, you don’t need to be worried about it, as we will show you a proven way to bypass the PIN after a successful factory reset.

    Why Do I Need to Verify PIN After Factory Reset?

    It is normal to see Samsung asking for PIN after factory reset. This is because of the Factory Reset Protection(FRP) Google verification. Google introduced this with the Android 5.0 OS version as a security measure to protect user data upon factory reset. For example, when the device is lost and in someone’s hand, it requires the PIN or Gmail to access the services after the hard reset, if the user has logged into the Samsung or Google account.

    How Do I Bypass PIN Verification If I Forgot?

    Even though the FRP lock provides an extra layer of protection after the factory reset, we sometimes forget the PIN we set at the beginning. To unlock Android phone forgot PIN, iToolab introduced software that is easy to follow than bypassing with Google account.

    As we mentioned, iToolab UnlockGo (Android) is tailormade to bypass the verification PIN after factory reset. It would take only 3 steps to bypass the FRP lock. Once it is bypassed, users can set any password they like. For bypass, access to the Google account is not needed. With the new version of UnlockGo for Android, the process is simplified further and easy to follow to remove verify PIN after factory reset on Samsung.

    There is no learning curve in using the software, and you can start immediately by following the detailed guidance below. Apart from bypassing, UnlockGo is an all-in-one tool that provides the option to remove any Android-compatible screen lock in minutes.

    UnlockGo (Android) – 1-Click Samsung FRP Bypass Tool

    • Bypass PIN verification on Samsung Android 5-13
    • Remove previous Google account without needing the password
    • Remove all Android screen locks (PIN, Pattern, Password, Fingerprints, Face)

    Bypass “Verify PIN. Your phone was reset to factory settings”

    Step 1  Connect Samsung device to PC

    Download and install the UnlockGo on the PC. Then open it and connect your Samsung device using the USB cable. Select the Remove Google Lock (FRP) option on the screen and click on the Start button.

    select bypass FRP

    Step 2  Select the new OS version

    In this step, select the one-click option “All Android versions”. Then click on the Next button.

    select bypass FRP on all Android versions

    Step 3  Bypass the FRP lock

    Wait a few seconds until you see the popup window with instructions. Use the secret code to access the hidden Samsung diagnostic menu. After that, UnlockGo (Android) will help to enable the USB debugging on your device.

    Bypass All Samsung FRP with emergency call secret code

    Note: If you can’t find the emergency button on the Welcome screen, then click “try this way” link on UnlockGo.

    Step 4  Finalized bypassing

    Once you allow the permissions, Google account verification should pass through in seconds. After that, the device will reboot automatically. You will find no hindrance on the way to use it.

    Bypass Samsung FRP

    Does Factory Reset Remove PIN Lock?

    If you signed in to the Samsung or Google account before the reset, your password would be synced to the cloud. After you perform the factory reset, verifying the PIN using the FRP lock will trigger. This will notify the device to enter the PIN to unlock after the reset.

    Otherwise, Factory reset will remove the PIN or pattern screen lock when you haven’t signed with the Samsung or Google account with the device. After the reset, you can successfully use the device without any trouble.


    So this is how you can bypass verify PIN after factory reset with the iToolab UnlockGo (Android). Following the above steps can bypass the PIN when asked after the reset. This is useful, especially when you forgot the password or PIN to unlock the device. Though you can find several other methods to bypass it, we highly recommend using UnlockGo to avoid future issues.

    Get the latest FRP bypass method from our WA group or TG channel.

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    • Avatar Liz says:

      hi I have a Samsung sm-a136w and I had factory reset and now when I try to put my info on it it’s saying that I need a vacation pin for it and I don’t know it so how do I bypass it or can I

    • Avatar Cliff Gamato says:

      Help me bypass verifypin of my Samsung A51,please.

    • Avatar Sulemana says:

      My password still appears after hard reset
      I tried hard reset wiping data and factory reset but still the password appears

    • Avatar Virginia says:

      after a hard reset my Samsung tabs6 still asking for password or email my granddaughter forgotten both how do I buy pass both

    • Avatar farsim says:

      i tried this method but when i connect the cable it is just charging and Android go isn’t showing the device in my pc