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Easy Samsung FRP Bypass Tool Free Download – Android 13/12/11


    I bought a second-hand Samsung phone but it asked for a google account to enter. I have no idea about it. Some guys said I need a professional FRP bypass tool Samsung. Is there any easy Samsung FRP tool recommend?

    Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Samsung is a security method designed to ensure that someone cannot simply delete and restore your phone if lost or stolen. Google introduced this “standard” feature to all Android phones, and most of the companies, including Samsung, that make Android phones have implemented it.

    However, it can become a problem if you sell or even give away a Samsung device without resetting the FRP lock. Or maybe you bought a used Samsung phone or tablet without FRP bypassing. In this article, we will show you how to FRP bypass Samsung phones and tablets with the most recommended Samsung FRP bypass tool in the comfort of your home.

    easy Samsung FRP bypass tool

    Easy Samsung FRP Bypass Tool for PC Free Download

    Forgetting your screen lock password, PIN, pattern, fingerprints, or even wanting to bypass Google lock on your Samsung device can become a big problem unless you follow the solution that we are about to introduce. This powerful tool is called iToolab UnlockGo (Android), the best alternative to the Samsung FRP bypass tool, and it is essential for all those who wish to bypass Samsung FRP lock using Mac or computer, reset and even remove any screen locks on Android.

    UnlockGo (Android) is an all-in-one Android unlocking program capable of performing numerous functions, a kind of perfect toolbox for most Android users even if you are not a geek. It is also a simple-to-use FRP lock bypass tool that you will master quickly. The process is relatively simple, connect the Android device to your Windows or macOS PC, open UnlockGo for Android, and follow the steps that we will discuss below.

    UnlockGo (Android) – One Click for All Samsung Models

    • No need for any APK help
    • No account required to bypass the Samsung FRP lock
    • Bypass Samsung FRP without Alliance or Sasmung account
    • Easy Samsung FRP tool suited for non-techies
    • Available for customized plans

    Are you a Samsung user with less technical knowledge, or did you spend thousands of dollars to bypass the RP lock? Here are the steps you can follow to get this job done yourself with ease without needing technical nowledge.

    Video Tutorial: 3 MIN Bypass Any Samsung FRP Lock

    How to bypass Samsung FRP using Mac or Windows PC?

    Step 1  Download the FRP removal tool

    Before we start, it is required to download easy Samsung FRP tool and install it on your PC. Check the etails below.

    Name UnlockGo (Android)
    Version v 6.7.0
    Supported PC OS Windows 11,10,8,7 | macOS 10.11 and later (including macOS 12)
    Supported Android OS 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5
    Compatible Samsung Devices All Samsung models
    Galaxy Fold 3/4, Z Flip, Note 20, Note 10
    Tab S7, S8
    J2, J3, 4, J5, J6, J7, J8, J9

    Step 2  Connect FRP-locked Samsung device with the PC

    Once you do that, connect your Samsung device with the PC using your USB cable. Next, open the UnlockGo Android) and select Remove Google Lock (FRP) on the screen.

    select bypass FRP

    Step 3  Try the master solution for any Android OS

    In the next window, you need to click on the Start button to confirm that you are about to ypass the Samsung FRP lock. Then select the first solution which should be the easest way.

    select bypass FRP on all Android versions

    This method works without network.

    Step 4  Remove Google FRP lock on Samsung device

    If both the above steps are completed, just follow the instructions on the screen. The tool will help you nable USB debugging with secret codes.

    Bypass All amsung FRP with emergency call secret code

    Step 5  Reboot your phone

    Once the whole process is completed, your phone will be restarted by software. Then congratulations, you’ve ypassed FRP successfully and regained the whole access for your device.

    easy FRP bypass tool

    Why You Have to Remove FRP Lock on Samsung?

    Google released the FRP feature in 2015 for all devices running Android 5.1 or later. This feature prevents ther people from using your Samsung device if they do a factory reset of the phone either by recovering or sing the new firmware. If an unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default ettings, the FRP protection function will start and request to log into the Google account used for the first ime.

    • You won’t be able to use Samsung device without verifying the Gmail credentials. Although many of us may ind it difficult to believe, the truth is that it is a real possibility to forget the Google account that we reated to start this cell phone and that we do not usually use.
    • If you intend to sell your phone, for example, you will have to disable factory reset protection before oing so. If you haven’t delete everything step by step manually, the buyer will have a roblem in the future since they will not be able to format the phone.
    • When enterprises provide Android devices locked into an employee’s Google account, the device becomes unusable as a company asset when the employee leaves the company.
    • When required to perform a reset, all the Google accounts need to be removed from the device to disable the RP. Unless you do a hard reset from Backup and reset settings to disable FRP automatically, you require a amsung FRP bypass tool to remove the lock.

    How does Samsung FRP Bypass Tool Work?

    In the previous section, we discussed the possible issues that users might face when using an FRP-locked amsung device. As a remedy for it, bypassing the lock is essential using the Samsung FRP tool. Samsung FRP ypass tool for PC is a widely known unlocking tool that allows users to bypass FRP lock from any Android ersion starting with 5.1 and upwards through Samsung mobile browser/phone dialer/ADB and download mode. All hese processes will be completed within a few clicks. Hence, the Samsung FRP tool is recommended if you are ooking for a hassle-free solution to remove FRP lock on Samsung.

    Functions provided by Samsung FRP tool

    • Remove Samsung FRP lock
    • Create and enable ADB remotely and use it for bypassing
    • Disable the driver signature
    • One-click solution for data resetting
    • Samsung FRP tool with multi unlocking methods


    This article has discussed the importance of deactivating the Android FRP as a necessary procedure when we ant to return, give, or sell a Samsung device. If FRP is not bypassed, the device will ask the user to log in o use it. There are usually many supposed ways to bypass this protection on the internet, primarily the amsung FRP bypass tool. As we said above, the only 100% safe and easy way to bypass FRP on any Samsung device s to use iToolab UnlockGo (Android), the easy Samsung FRP tool for you.

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