Wondering Latest Pokemon Go Trade Cost & Discount? Read This!


    “What is the Pokemon Go trade cost? I am new to the Pokemon Go game, and I wish to trade some Pokemon that I have caught with unique ones. What is the total cost of the procedure?”

    Pokemon Go trade cost

    Pokemon Go is a unique game that enables players to collect specific resources to perform certain activities, such as trading. You need to cover some distance and gather Stardust to be able to trade Pokemon. Follow this post to learn a lot more about the Pokemon Go trade cost.

    Learn About Pokemon Go Trade Cost

    This section contains every bit of info on trade cost in Pokemon Go and whether you can trade shiny or legendary Pokemon.

    Pokemon Go Trading Costs For Regular Pokemon

    You can only trade Pokemon with your friends when you have covered a total distance of 12 kilometers or 7.4 miles within the game. Moreover, you need Stardust as a resource to be able to complete trading successfully. The Stardust trade cost depends on the level and type of Pokemon you are dealing with in the game.

    Additionally, friendship level is an essential factor to consider when trading, as the Stardust fees depend on it. If you want to spend less money while trading Pokemon with someone new or old, your friendship level should be of high priority!

    Here is what the Pokemon Go Stardust trade cost for regular Pokemon:

    Friendship Level Trading Cost (both players have registered) Trading Cost (both players have not registered)
    Good Friend 100 Stardusts 20,000 Stardusts
    Great Friend 100 Stardusts 16,000 Stardusts
    Ultra Friend 100 Stardusts 1,600 Stardusts
    Best Friend 100 Stardusts 800 Stardusts

    Pokemon Go Trading Costs For Shiny and Legendary Pokemon

    This section is for those players who wish to know the Shiny trade cost in Pokemon Go. Remember that the Pokemon Go legendary trade cost is just the same as Shiny Pokemon.

    Friendship Level Trading Cost (both players have registered) Trading Cost (both players have not registered)
    Good Friend 20,000 Stardusts 1,000,000 Stardusts
    Great Friend 16,000 Stardusts 800,000 Stardusts
    Ultra Friend 1,600 Stardusts 80,000 Stardusts
    Best Friend 800 Stardusts 40,000 Stardusts

    What’s the Latest Pokemon Trading Discount?

    Pokemon Go trade discount

    The amount of Stardust required for trades in Pokemon Go depends on many different factors. For example, the Stardust cost to trade with friends will be much lower than dealing with strangers because your friend is part of your friend list for 90 or more days.

    Moreover, you can also save some money by ensuring that both Pokemon are roughly equivalent to strength, so no one loses out due to differences in level. However, it could take a long time to accumulate Stardust if you wish to trade with a player who you have recently befriended. Still, you can get discounts and prizes in Pokemon Go trading.

    Depending on the friendship level, you can receive the following Pokemon Go trade cost discounts:

    Friendship Level Discount
    Good Friend 0% Discount, 3% of damage bonus, and 3,000 XP reward for the game.
    Great Friend 20% discount, 5% damage bonus, and 10,000 XP reward for the game.
    Ultra Friend 92% discount, 7% damage bonus, and 50,000 XP reward for the game.
    Best Friend 96% discount, 10% damage bonus, and 100,000 XP reward for the game.

    Awesome Tip: Trade Pokemon in Pokemon Go Easily

    The whole reason for Pokemon Go is to catch rare Pokemon by going outside and visiting different locations. This makes the game equally tiring and fun! However, you can get the luxury of remaining in at the same place while trading Pokemon with your friends worldwide by simply using the GPS spoofing software iToolab AnyGo.

    The program lets you simulate the moving speed, ensuring that Pokemon Go doesn’t find out that you are not moving. Moreover, you can select custom locations on the map and repeat the route quickly. Furthermore, the program lets you spoof the location of multiple iOS devices simultaneously.

    Here are the steps to trade your favorite Pokemon with any player on the map with iToolab AnyGo:

    Step 1: Firstly, launch AnyGo on your desktop system. Moreover, connect the iOS device with the desktop at the same time. Once the interface displays your current location, click on the Jump Teleport Mode button.

    Pokemon Go trade cost AnyGo Jump Teleport Mode

    Step 2: Now select a custom route by clicking on GO.

    Pokemon Go trade cost iToolab AnyGo map

    Step 3: Simply jump to the chosen route at once by enabling the Auto Jump After Cooldown tab. Click GO to initiate the process

    Pokemon Go trade cost Pressing Next on

    Step 4: Lastly, press OK to end the process.

    Pokemon Go trade cost Jump Finish


    Much like any game, Pokemon Go also requires the user to achieve a specific amount of experience to utilize certain resources, like trading Pokemon. Once you understand the trading cost of Pokemon Go, the next step is to bypass the distance restriction on Pokemon Go. For that, you can use iToolab AnyGo to jump to any point on the map and interact or trade with new players without any hassle.

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