How to Unlock iPhone to Any Carrier (All iPhone Supported)


    When we buy an iPhone through a carrier, the most common thing is that it configures the device only to accept its SIM cards. This ensures that the owner of the iPhone does not change the card and passes it to another operator within the term of the stay. After this period, by calling the operator where we acquired the iPhone, we can unlink it from this obligation to use any card. But during this period, can we unlock the iPhone carrier? Let’s find out about that.

    What does carrier-locked mean?

    Most cell phones are locked to a specific mobile operator after purchase. This prevents users from using the device outside the country or with another provider. Unless you remove this lock through the carrier or any other method, you can’t use any other SIM from different carriers. In many cases, if the lock is applied, carriers can remove it. But there are exceptional cases as well where carriers can’t remove the lock.

    How to check if your iPhone is locked by carrier

    The easiest way to check whether the iPhone is unlocked is by using the Settings app. This method may not be the most accurate, but it works most of the time for older iOS versions.

    • Go to Settings apps on your iPhone and tap Mobile Data.
    • Then tap on Mobile Data Options. If the device is in American English, tap on Cellular and then Cellular Data.
    • Then check for the option Mobile Data Network/Cellular Data Network.
    • If this option is available, most likely, your iPhone is unlocked. Normally, by default, this option appears in locked iPhone.
    check if your iPhone is locked by carrier

    4 Ways to unlock iPhone carrier

    #Method 1: Contact your carrier

    It is common for large cell phone companies – Telcel, AT&T and Movistar – to offer users subsidized equipment through contracts for established periods; for this reason, the equipment is delivered with an operator lock, which limits users to only use it through their network. If your contract with the company has ended, you may qualify for a free release. Before unlocking your iPhone, there are some requirements that you must take into account:

    Contact your carrier
    • The equipment must be registered with the company
    • It cannot have been reported as lost, stolen or blocked by the company
    • The account associated with the equipment must be current
    • If a contract was signed to obtain the equipment, it must have been concluded or cancelled by paying in full
    • If the equipment is associated with a cancelled account, the balance must be $ 0

    #Method 2: Unlock iPhone carrier with software (Jailbreak required)

    iToolab SIMUnlocker

    The SIMUnlocker tool is an unlocking tool that can fix “SIM not supported/not valid” issues with a single click. This software is designed to bypass carrier SIM lock and resolve any activation issues within a few minutes. The unlocking process jailbreaks the phone, and with the exploitation of in-built Checkra1n, unlocking is done. This will eliminate any Apple restrictions during the process. You will be able to connect to any network worldwide once you bypass the SIM lock. But if the iPhone is blacklisted, you won’t be able to unlock the SIM.

    How it works

    Step 1: First, you need to download SIMUnlocker and install it on your computer.

    Secure Download
    Secure Download

    Step 2: Next, you need to connect your iPhone to the computer.

    connect your iPhone to the computer

    Step 3: Next, jailbreak your iPhone, the Checkra1n tool is built-in to help you complete the jailbreak. Checkra1n is a commonly used and safe jailbreak tool.

    jailbreak your iPhone on Windows

    Step 4: After jailbreaking the iPhone, SIMUnlocker will run a check to find the device’s eligibility. If the device is eligible, The program will display your phone information.

    confirm the infomation

    Step 5: Before unlocking the SIM, it is always better to disconnect and connect the iPhone to the computer. After that, press the Unlock button to remove the SIM lock.

    Unlock successful

    #Method 3: Unlock iPhone carrier with online unlock service

    Doctorsim is a popular website for unlocking iPhones, checking iPhone IMEI, and unlocking iCloud services. It will mark your IMEI as unlocked in the manufacturer’s database in sync with your network. Also, you can get the money back if you can’t unlock the iPhone.

    How it works

    1. Once you go to one of the mentioned websites, you need to enter your device details.
    • Model
    • Current carrier
    • IMEI/Serial number: Dial *#06# on the device
    • Country
    • iPhone Model
    1. After that, click on the button Unlock iPhone.
    2. Then you need to make the payment for your order, and the whole process might take around 24 hours. Many free unlocking sites pretend they are genuine, but they are scams and don’t disclose any sensitive information.
    3. After unlocking, the website will send you a confirmation email, and you can use WIFI or data connection and test it.
    online unlock service

    Also Read: Comprehensive understanding of Doctorsim Unlock Service

    #Method 4: Unlock carrier with SIM unlock chip

    Normally microcontrollers are used to control the traffic between the phone and the SIM card. So there is a need of altering this traffic and allow phones to use other networks than the original one. We can use Turbo SIMs to mimic the IMSI number and the authentication key of the service provider.

    use Verizon network features. In that case, Turbo SIM mimics the IMSI and authentication of T-mobile, as we mentioned earlier. Thereby, users can use the new service provider smoothly without any interference.

    SIM unlock chip

    Chip unlock works:

    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone XS
    • iPhone XR
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone 11 Pro

    Which one is the best iPhone carrier unlocker?

    There are different types of unlocking methods available for the iPhone. Each method has pros and cons. It is up to you to decide which method suits you, depending on the phone model and the type of lock. In below, we have summarized the best available methods by comparing each other for your ease.

      Pros Cons Price
    Contact carrier 1) Safe, legal and permanent
    2) Free
    1) Only when the contract expires and the full price is paid, it can be unlocked. Free
    SIMUnlocker 1) Support all carriers
    2) The unlocking is fast, and it will be completed in a few minutes
    3) Permanent
    4) No data loss
    5) Cost-effective
    1) Required jailbreak $29.95
    Online unlock service 1) Support all models and operators
    Claimed to be unlocked by Apple and operators
    1) Different iPhone models charge different prices
    2) Different carriers charge different prices
    3) IMEI is required
    4) Unlocking may not be successful, and there is no refund
    5) The unlocking time is very long, 1-7 days
    6) The price is expensive, pay for each
    Ranging from $6.95 to $100
    Sim unlock chip 1) Cheap and convenient
    No jailbreak
    1) It will be invalid sometimes, and then you need to update or re-buy one
    2) The unlock chip and the SIM card must be in the phone at the same time
    3) You cannot change the card, restore or erase the data
    About $20
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