ICCID inValid? Apple Completely Block Locked iPhone with Turbo Sim Card to Crack ICCID


    When the iPhone 13 was released, Apple began to block locked iPhones from hacking ICCID as expected. This is repeated every year when Apple releases a new iPhone. Sure enough, many ICCID codes failed yesterday.

    Here I need to remind everyone who uses gpp chip or other turbo sim to unlock iPhone, never restore the system, upgrade the system, replace the sim card, and erase all content and settings. Just use it normally.

    Will it be unlocked again and when?

    Based on the situation in the past few years, the time when the ICCID card is unlocked and blocked is mainly concentrated around the time of Apple’s new product launch, that is, around September each year. And it turns out that Apple only temporarily closed the loopholes unlocked by ICCID. It will be unlocked at the end of December or next March. So as long as you don’t do anything now, wait until the it fixed.

    I think the main reason for this is that Apple wants to ensure the proportion of new iOS 15 usage, so it will open unlocking before and after the WWDC conference in June every year. So you should know why a locked iPhone needs to upgrad to the latest iOS system before it unlocked.

    What to do if my ICCID code fails?

    I think you can completely discard your GPP chip, RSIM or Gevey SIM card. Because they cannot be unlocked permanently, you may often encounter failures. Try to use software to unlock your iPhone SIM card.

    Tool Required: iToolab SIMUnlocker

    This is a different unlocking method from Turbo SIM. You can use the software to unlock your phone permanently without worrying about Apple suddenly block your ICCID.

    šŸ“„ Download it here:

    Now, letā€™s see how to unlock iPhone without ICCID.

    Step1, Launch SIMUnlocker and connect your iPhone to the computer. You need to trust your device connection. The models currently supported by SIMUnlocker can be viewed here.

    Connect and trust your iPhone

    Step2, Follow the instructions of the software to jailbreak your iPhone. The software will automatically download the jailbreak tool.

    Jailbreak iPhone

    Step3, Then, confirm your iPhone information, and click Unlock button. Soon, your iPhone SIM card will be unlocked. There is no need to enter the IMEI code, or to find an active ICCID code. It is as simple as ABC.

    confirm your iPhone information

    Our previous article mentioned many alternatives to Turbo SIM card to unlock iPhone, you can use it when Apple blocked ICCID to unlock.

    Final words

    If your iPhone uses a Turbo SIM card, then I still remind you not to upgrade the system so that your phone can still be used normally. If you are looking for an activatable ICCID code, here you can find the latest ICCID. Once unfortunately your iPhone is locked, try SIMUnlocker or other software, you can say goodbye to your Turbo SIM card.

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