What Tools Do Phone Shops Use to Bypass FRP Locks on Samsung Phones?


    Electronics continue to explode in the face of global warming trends. Some environmentalists propose that people use used electronics to reduce their carbon footprint, such as used cell phones, recycled tablets, etc. There is no doubt that this will be a trend and a green business opportunity.

    iToolab UnlockGo (Android) is an exceptionally user-friendly product for the average user. Still, they also have a number of partner businesses, such as phone repair stores, used phone vendors, etc. During the service, they said they preferred the customized plan the most, which could be adjusted according to the number of devices. This is a good policy for developing merchants.

    To know better the needs and experiences of users, iToolab conducted in-depth interviews with merchants.


    Top FRP Bypass Tools for Phone Business

    iToolab PM:

    What other FRP bypass tools did you look into before using UnlockGo (Android)?

    Cell phone recyclers in India:

    Well, I learned about many tools from friends who have been in the business for a long time, such as Odin, SamFirm A.I.O., SamFw FRP tool, etc. Also, I Googled the best FRP bypass tool for Android phones and tablets, thousand tons of results came to me. Indeed, I have seen some advertisers, which makes me wonder if they are putting most of their revenue into marketing, not technology development and research.


    Test and Choose the Best FRP Bypass Tools

    iToolab PM:

    What are you expecting from this Google lock removal tool?

    Entrepreneurs from Canada:

    Easy to use. We needed to get into the game quickly and build a sizeable team, which meant a shorter training time. We have an IT specialists team, but if the tool is too challenging to handle and there is a lack of guidance, it will significantly reduce the effectiveness. That’s why we were looking for an easy FRP bypass software.


    Know and Serve Android Clients

    iToolab PM:

    What other needs do your customers have?

    A cell phone repair store in Texas, US:

    Howdy! We have many regular customers who are some cute oldy. They are used to old devices and don’t want to go for updates, so their phones always have various glitches.

    They are sometimes very adamant about their ideas. An example, an old farmer forgot the PIN, so he can’t unlock his Samsung phone. However, he did not want to wipe all the data by resetting it because it would make him lose the photos of his cute granddaughter. We looked for many ways how to unlock the phone without losing data. UnlockGo saved him finally.


    Make Money In Android Niche

    iToolab PM:

    Would you recommend UnlockGo (Android) to your friends?

    Samsung online reseller:

    It’s tough to say. Because UnlockGo helps me a lot. I was wondering if possible to be a win-win program?

    iToolab PM:

    Why don’t you consider joining our affiliate program? You could have more options than Android unlock, like data recovery and Whatsapp data transfer, even if iPhone activation lock removal.

    UnlockGo (Android)

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