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How to Unlock Wiko Phone Pattern Password Without Losing Data?

In today’s world, no smartphone user likes to have someone else access their phone without permission, so they set up a screen lock. For a Wiko phone owner, unlocking becomes a real challenge when you forget the screen lock password. Usually, a factory reset works, but not all the time. If you forget the password … read more

Bob Holder


[5 Steps] Samsung J7 FRP Bypass Android 8, 9, 10

Google FRP in-built feature protects the device from unauthorized access. It limits the user to access the device after reset without the connected Google account. If you don’t have the credentials to access the Google account in your Samsung J7, there is no option other than bypassing the FRP lock. Bypassing is not a simple … read more

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Does Screen Lock Bypass Pro Unlock Android Safely?

Have you ever experienced that you set a pattern or password for your phone and you are unable to remember it today? Or you’ve found an unclaimed phone or even a phone you rarely use and it was hidden away until you are in need of it. Now, you’re unable to remember the old password … read more

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Samfirm AIO: Does It Really Bypass FRP on Android 11/12

FRP lock protects our devices from unauthorized factory resets or avoiding permission to Google account with incorrect passwords. But sometimes, we must remove the FRP lock for different reasons. One of the popular tools for FRP bypassing is Samfirm AIO. But does it really work for newer Android versions like Android 12? In this article, … read more

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HELP! How to Block Samsung Phone If Stolen?

A Samsung smartphone is a great investment and the use of this phone has become highly popular nowadays. However, there are chances that someone might be having eye on your phone and planning to steal it. So, you have to stay prepared to handle the worst and keep your personal data safe. Otherwise, someone can … read more

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