[Fixed] 3utools Virtual Location Not Working? How & Alternative


    3utools virtual location not working? I used to adjust my phone location using 3utools but for today, it worked only the first few times. Anyone has this issue?

    — Reported by u/indily1 from Reddit

    Today, we will guide you how to fix it, and as a bonus tip, we will introduce the best alternative for 3utools virtual location.

     What is 3uTools VirtualLocation?

    3uTools is defined as a program that can allow the person to manage their device. The VirtualLocation option in the tool provides the ability to set a virtual location on your iPhone, iPad, or any iDevice. Apart from that, you can share the location on social media and bypass the region restrictions on games and services.

    There are few steps to follow to set up 3uTools.

    • Step 1: First, install 3uTools on your PC.
    • Step 2: Next, connect your iPhone with the PC that you installed 3uTools.
    • Step 3: Launch the 3uTools and select the Toolbox option from the top menu.
    • Step 4: Under the toolbox, click on the VirtualLocation icon.
    • Step 5: It will pop up a new window. In the window, you can provide the longitudes and latitudes of the location that you want to set.
    • Step 6: Once you enter the relevant coordinates, click on the Modify virtual location button. After few seconds, you can see the new location.
    3utools virtual location

    Issues about 3uTools VirtualLocation

    1. The map fails to load

    First, make sure that your network connection is normal. The map sources used by 3uTools are Google Map and OpenStreetMap. By default, it uses OpenStreetMap. If the map fails to load, you can try to change it to Google Map. 

    3uTools VirtualLocation not working

    2. 3uTools failed to modify the virtual location

    Before you use the 3uTools VirtualLocation, make sure your iPhone is connected to the computer and 3uTools can recognize your phone.

    The following situations can help you fix the 3uTools VirtualLocation not working:

    • The program will automatically download dependent components to ensure that the dependent components are successfully installed.
    • Using 3uTools to modify the virtual location is not permanent. Generally, it takes about 2 days for ios12 and above and only 3-6 hours for ios13 and above.
    • Make sure the coordinates you entered are valid
    • Make sure the screen of the iPhone is unlocked during the process.

    If you still can’t solve the issues, please use 3uTools VirtualLocation alternative.

    3uTools virtual location alternative: AnyGo

    iToolab AnyGo provides most of the facilities provided through 3uTools with enhanced features. AnyGo is best suited for any iOS device since it is compatible with most of the latest versions of iOS. There is no necessity to jailbreak your iPhone. Hence, it allows you to change your location with a single click.

    šŸ’” Key features

    • Teleport to any location with a single click in seconds
    • Easier movement control with joystick and keyboard
    • Speed of the movement, direction, and routes are customizable
    • Best suited for LBS apps and games like WhatsApp, Facebook, PokĆ©mon Go, etc.
    • Option to import your customized GPX map file to insert routes into the map

    šŸ‘ Pros

    • No jailbreaking required
    • Manage multiple devices at the same time
    • Hide your real identity and protect your privacy
    • No technical expertise required or any learning curve


    Step 1: Open the installed AnyGo

    First, you can download and install the AnyGo software on your PC. Then double click on the AnyGo icon to launch the program.

    Step 2: Establish the iPhone and PC connection

    To use AnyGo in your iPhone, you need to connect it with the PC to install the AnyGo software. For that, you can use the iPhone cable and establish the connection.

    Connect iPhone

    Step 3: Check the accuracy of the connection

    Once the connection is successful, click on the Start button in the AnyGo home window. Then you should see a map with your current location. If the location coordinates are not accurate, you can click on the Center On icon available at the top right corner of the AnyGo window.

    Current Location

    Step 4: Select the mode

    In this step, you can select the mode you want. There are 3 modes available. i.e., Teleport mode and Multi-spot mode.

    Teleport Mode

    Step 5: Find the destination

    Now you can set the destination you want using the search bar available in the AnyGo. First, click on the Teleport icon and then start typing the destination; AnyGo will suggest the available locations.

    Search Location

    Step 6: Teleport to the fake destination

    Finally, click on the Go button in the popup card once you find the destination. If you have chosen multi-spot mode, you can set multiple locations on the map and modify the speed.

    Teleport to the location


    By now, you should know how to use the Virtual Location feature in the 3uTools. Also, we have provided the best tool that you can replace the 3uTools Virtual Location. Using AnyGo, you can eliminate all the problems you had with 3uTools, and you can find more enhanced versions of it.

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