How to Change WhatsApp Location on iPhone [Live & Current Location]


    WhatsApp is one of the most practical social media platforms due to its versatility, design, updates and news. Like most social networks, new functions have been implemented to allow us to be closer to our family or friends, and one of these is the option to send our location in real-time. The question many users have is the way to change the location on WhatsApp. There is no feature available in WhatsApp for this by default. Today we’ll show you how to change the current and live location on WhatsApp using your iPhone.

    How to Change Live Location in WhatsApp 

    iToolab AnyGo is very useful software, which comes with different features that allow you to change your GPS location at any seconds easily. You have to search for the place you want, and it will automatically change the region. The best thing is your current location is hidden from the outside, and privacy is protected. If you want to change location in multiple devices simultaneously, AnyGo is the best tool for it. With the 2 modes, multi-spot and teleport mode, you can control the location with ease. The keyboard and joystick movement controllers provide you with ease of control over your movements to look real. It is compatible with all major iOS releases and supports any device.

    You can download the latest version of AnyGo from below.


    Step 1: Connect iPhone with the PC

    Once you download and install the AnyGo software on your PC. After that, connect your iPhone with the PC.

    Connect iPhone

    Step 2: Check the current location

    Click on the Start button in the AnyGo window and check your current location on the map in the next window. If the location is not accurate, click on the Center On icon in the top right corner.

    Current Location

    Step 3: Choose the multi-spot mode

    Choose multi-point mode to simulate your walking route.

    Choose the multi-spot mode

    Step 4: Set pins on the map

    Place pins on the map to customize the walking route.

    Multi-spot mode AnyGo

    Step 5: Send live location

    Now go back to WhatsApp and choose the location. Then you can send the live location.

    Send live location

    Step 6: Start moving

    Head back to the AnyGo and click on the Go button on the popup card that appears on top of the map to start moving.

    Start moving

    Step 7: Check the location on WhatsApp

    Now you can see on your WhatsApp that your location is walking synchronously according to the virtual route. To manually stop sharing your location, select the Stop Sharing icon within the chat window and confirm your choice.

    Check the location on WhatsApp

    Note: When you share your location, you will see a map of the area with your profile picture to mark where you are. Your location will be periodically updated when you’re static and will dynamically update when you’re on the move.

    How to Change Current Location in WhatsApp

    To change the location on WhatsApp, you can still use AnyGo. The steps are the same as we discussed earlier, and you need to use the teleport mode to change the location instead of multi-mode.

    Step 1: Choose the Teleport Mode

    Switch the multi-point mode to the teleport mode, and you can change the GPS location of the iPhone to a specified position arbitrarily.

    Teleport Mode

    Step 2: Search the destination

    Type the destination in the search bar. Once you find the location, click on the Search button.

    Search Location

    Step 3: Teleport to the location

    Finally, click on the Go button in the popup card to teleport to the location.

    Teleport to the location


    Throughout this article, we have discussed the way to change the live and current location on WhatsApp. There are few third-party apps created for this, but we don’t recommend them since those applications get permission to access your WhatsApp data. We strongly suggest using AnyGo, which is secure software, to change the location on your iPhone.

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