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Over 8 years of writing experience in the field of software and technology, especially focus on mobile devices data management. She always looks for the best solutions from Apple to Android.
How to Reset Samsung Account Password?

Do you know that some of the features are inaccessible on your Samsung device unless you don’t create a Samsung account? You can’t use the apps like SmartThings, Samsung Pay, Smartswitch, and so on. Once you finish creating a Samsung account, ensure to remember the credentials. Otherwise, your device will always ask the prompt “To … read more

Beth Nichols


How to Fix Android Stuck in Boot Loop? Here’s the Way!

One of the common issues Android users face in recent times is the Android boot loop. Once it starts to happen, the device continuously reboots. When the endless boot loop is not resolved, the device gets stuck on the Android logo and affects the device’s performance in a bad way. This will avoid the ability … read more

Beth Nichols


Can I Still Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Emergency Call?

Nowadays, every individual keeps a screen lock in their smartphone to prevent unauthorized access by some other person. It’s necessary for keeping your files secure from intruders. However, not every person is good at remembering everything. Such people can’t use their phone in any way. If you are going through this situation, then try using … read more

Beth Nichols


How to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen Without Losing Data?

We set a lock screen on our Samsung phones to avoid anyone accessing the private information. Users can set up any Android compatible screen lock as they wish. However, as humans, we may forget the screen lock used to unlock the Samsung device. In that case, we need to bypass Samsung lock screen to access … read more

Beth Nichols


How to Track/Lock Stolen Tecno or Infinix Phone?

Techno and Infinix have made a big name in the smartphone industry. They offer robust performance and anyone owning their device feels great. Imagine in case you lose it, what will you do? Is there any way to find it? Fortunately, there are different ways to track your lost Techno or Infinix device and get … read more

Beth Nichols


How to Create Alliance Shield X Account?

An office has several devices and it becomes difficult to manage all the devices. Managing devices means keeping a check on software updates, firewall/adblock rules, remote options, disabled packages, etc. All of these can be managed effortlessly and smoothly through one software, that is Alliance Shield X. This article highlights what is Alliance Shield X … read more

Beth Nichols


How to Fix No Command Error on Android Phone?

Sometimes, Android users encounter different problems, especially after resetting their device or entering the recovery mode. One of the errors is the No Command Android issue. Such errors are frustrating since users need to clear the error to use the device. Rebooting the phone doesn’t bring any success to these types of issues. Despite the … read more

Beth Nichols