Tips and tricks to help you change the locations of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch easily.

(Answered) Does Fake GPS Work with Tinder in 2023?

Bored seeing the same profiles on Tinder? Try changing your Tinder location. Basically, Tinder tracks your phone’s GPS coordinates and shows you people around your area (from 1 to 100 miles). That’s why the same faces keep popping up despite several tries. If you want to go beyond the matches from your local community, you … read more

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Best Way to Spoof Minecraft Earth on iOS (No Jailbreak)

Can I lie on the sofa and play Minecraft Earth without moving? Due to the prevailing situations, many people tend to think of staying home and playing their favorite games. But when it comes to location-based games like Minecraft, it is important to update the locations you travel to and capture them. The best solution … read more

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Walking Dead: Our World Fake GPS Tricks [Always Work]

The Walking Dead: Our World is a mobile-based game on the popular TV series; The Walking Dead. This game uses the player’s geolocation and uses Augmented Reality to bring characters into reality. Since the game requires players to walk to different parts and survive life from zombies, it is important to use a fake GPS … read more

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How to Play Jurassic World Alive without Moving/Walking

Jurassic World Alive, a game that takes advantage of augmented reality in Pokémon GO’s style but where we will have dinosaurs everywhere. In addition to exploring and capturing, we can create our own dinosaurs to form a team to defend the areas, hence requiring us to move to different locations. For most people, it is … read more

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How to Spoof Jurassic World Alive GPS Location on iOS/Android

Jurassic World Alive is a famous game among people due to its historic nature and the ability to bring dinosaurs to the Earth who distinct millions of years ago. This game requires traveling from location to location and collecting DNA, and battle with different groups. Since this is a location-based game, many people spoof the … read more

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[Workable] Pokemon Go Walking Hacks And Cheats 2023

Pokémon Go is one of the well-known games based on the location. Many people use to walk to different locations to catch Pokémon. Now you can move to different locations staying at home faking the location on Pokémon Go. But it needs to be done carefully since Niantic can ban your account if noticed. However, … read more

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Pokémon Go Hack with Joystick on Android and iOS

Pokémon Go is one of the popular mobile games that encourages gamers to travel worldwide to play the game. Many users now look for possible alternatives to play virtually staying at home. Since the game is directly connected to the location, many players use GPS spoofing with a virtual joystick to play while staying at … read more

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How to Fake Location on iPhone? [Top 4 Ways]

This article will address 4 of the best ways to fake location on your iPhone. All the solutions on this list will help you very easily fake the GPS location on your iPhone. These solutions vary in complexity, so choose the one that best suits your needs. But before we get to the solutions, let’s … read more

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