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What Does Reset All Settings Do On iPhone

This article will explain what happens to your iPhone when you reset all settings. You may have seen this option in many of the solutions we have provided to fix a variety of iOS problems. But most people are uncomfortable resetting all settings on their devices as they are unsure of how the process will … read more

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What Does Reset Network Settings Do on iPhone

This article will look at what happens when you reset the network settings on your iPhone. Most people are hesitant to do it because they fear losing the data on their devices. At the end of this article, it is our hope that you will be able to determine if resetting your network settings is … read more

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How to Jailbreak Your iOS Device on Windows

You will need to jailbreak your iOS device before you can bypass the iCloud activation lock. The Windows system does not have a jailbreak tool, so to jailbreak your iOS device, you will need to create a Linux Ubuntu environment on your Windows computer by following our tried and tested tutorial. Note: Supported device models on … read more



5 Quick Tips to Speed Up iCloud Backup

Are you worried that your iCloud backup is stuck? Sometimes, the backup can take so long that you begin to worry the backup process is stuck. While it may not be possible to tell the exact time a backup should take, there were some things that you can do to speed up the backup process … read more

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How Do I Know If My iPhone Is Backed Up?

Are you wondering if the recent backup to iTunes or iCloud was successful? Completing the backup process can bring peace of mind since you are certain that all your data has been included in a backup that you can easily restore back to the device if needed. But to reinforce this peace of mind, it … read more

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How to Delete Backup from iCloud

While backing up the data on your device to iCloud is a good idea, if you backup your device a lot, you can find yourself with too many backups, taking too much space on your device. Since you only get 5GB of storage space for free on iCloud, you may want to consider removing some … read more

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What Does the New iPhone Update iOS 14 Do?

A new iOS update generates a lot of excitement. This is because it often promises a lot of new features meant to increase your iPhone’s performance and help you better enjoy the device. The latest is iOS 14 and in this article, we take a look at some of the new features that you can … read more

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