Tips to help you know better of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple services, such as iTunes, Finder, iCloud, and more.

10 Handy Tips to Make a Pokémon Go Excellent Throw

One of the main thrills of Pokémon Go is the moment when you’re staring at the screen to see if your latest catch stayed in the ball. The elusive Excellent Throw is something that happens very rarely. In this guide, we take a look at how you can increase your chances of getting an excellent … read more

Nicole Campbell


Why Does My iPhone Turn On By Itself?

The newer iPhone models have a feature known as “Tap to Wake.” This feature along with the “Raise to Wake” feature that has been around since iOS 10 can be essential in helping you turn on the device quickly, but at some point, they can become a nuisance, turning on the device when you don’t … read more

Nicole Campbell


How to Reset Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Safari no longer has a reset button. This means that if you want Safari to return to its default settings, you would have to find a workaround. This workaround will require that you take multiple steps to remove the history, clear the cache and disable extensions and plugins, and other aspects of the browser. In … read more

Nicole Campbell


What Does iPhone Restore Mean? (A Definitive Guide)

In this guide, we are going to be looking at exactly what an iPhone restore means. With so many terms that can point towards one or more functions of your iPhone, it is important to understand what they mean so you can use them appropriately. Let’s get started. What Does Restore iPhone Mean? When you … read more

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